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Rating: PG-13 for slight violence and swearing.
Pairing: Mallie(OC)/Leon
Disclaimer: Leon and Radiant Garden are not mine.
Extras: This is from a skit I dreamed of that took place while Leon and my OC Mallie were dating before they married and had their daughter. Timeline; it's about a year after KH2. Final Fantasy 8 background included in Leon's past, so he did have a relationship with Rinoa, she died but he did love her. This is a skit that would take place during an RP I am doing with a friend. It's quite cute ^^

In effort to not lose everything I have on LJ after they changed hands I am reposting old works on Dreamwidth.


The lanterns cast a soft glow over the festival in the marketplace. It had become a tradition that was held on the longest night of the summer, that a dance and market festival was held in the marketplace. Radiant Garden was safer, and the people celebrated this. Skirts twirled as women danced with their partners, laughter and merrymaking happening all around. 

Mallie gently tugged Leon’s hand, her eyes sparkling as she took in the area that had been set aside for dancing.
“Dance with me Leon?” she asked, emerald green eyes looking back to her boyfriend. It was nearly 2 months they were together now. 

Leon eyed those dancing and shook his head though he gave her a small twitching of his lips, his attempt for her of a smile.
“Go enjoy yourself.”
She sighed, though she had expected something of the sort from such a reserved man and nodded, her black curls being thrown back over her shoulders. She picked up the red silk skirts with her hand and moved away toward the dance floor. Leon stepped back leaning against the wall, just watching the going ons. 

It did not take long before Mallie was being twirled by another man, soft laughter leaving her, she seemed so vibrant. His brow furrowed, he knew he was happy to see her happy, yet part of him wanted to be the one making her laugh like that. But… A sigh left Leon and he stayed where he stood.

Four dances and she was breathing a little harder, though she was still enjoying herself. The dance had ended, another beginning and she was catching her breath. A hand pulled her close, it finding purchase on her rear end. Pulling her flush to a foreign chest, and a chuckle, a voice she did not know. She stiffened, her hand moving down to unsheathe the rapier she had at her waist on her belt, but her hand was grabbed.
Be damned!
She did not have the strength to get out of his grasp. Her heated, emerald eyes looked up to the man who clasped her closer, she could feel his breath in her hair. Her hand grasped his hard and she pulled back just enough to get a look into his eyes. Her heel came down hard on his foot, the spit leaving her lips to land in his eye. She was not going to man handled ever again! The nameless man swore angrily in response, his hand raising to backhand the woman he held.

Leon had stood up as he saw the man grab Mallie in such a way, pulling her flush to the stranger. His brows furrowed deeper, his eyes slitting. Stepping away from the wall he moved onto the makeshift dance floor, around couples. His steel grays burned with a quiet rage, and his hand managed to grab the arm of the other before it could strike. Mallie was trying to pull away to get out of range of the incoming blow, but the stranger held her arm hard. Hard enough to bruise. Leon grabbed the man’s arm in his left hand, his right flying forward in a fist, connecting with the man’s face. Landing a solid punch that caused his own hand to go numb, the other man stumbled away. 

“Get the hell away from her,” Leon growled out and he took in a deep breath to calm himself. It had been natural instinct, he had not even thought about the path of his feet or his defensive actions. Pure instinct. 

Mallie watched the foul man stumble back and her lips dipped into a grin, though she grimaced at the pain in her wrist. Oh, that was definitely bruising, look at the pretty colors. But her arm is picked up, but far gentler this time by leather-clad hands.

“That son of a bitch,” Leon mumbled and suddenly she was in her boyfriend’s arms. 

She smiled hugging him back, “I’m fine Leon, though thank you.”
Leon nodded stiffly still holding her close and she shook her head, “Well you? Now?”
Her fingers clutch his white shirt and she pulls back a little to look into steel gray eyes.
“Dance with me?” 
Leon’s brow’s furrow again and she sighs giving into begging, “Please?”
The brunet gives in at last and concedes, nodding his head. Shifting hands so he is in a position to dance with her. The next few moments are of silence as they dance, and she shakes her head, “Why were you so unwilling? You dance fine.” 
Leon shakes his head once more, “It’s not that. I do know how to dance. But I have not in a long time.”
Mallie is twirled away, and twirling back into his arms she cocks her head, “How long is a long time?”
“9 years.”
“Oh…is it a good memory?”
It does not take as long as she had supposed for him to answer, “Yes.” 
Mallie’s lips dip into a smile and she leans to him, whispering in his ear.
“So then you loved?”
The question was oddly put but he understands what she implies, his eyes close, and he wraps his arm around her pulling her gently, flush to him.

Mallie nods, it was enough, he spoke so little on his past. It was enough. Maybe someday she would learn this other woman’s name. Perhaps not, but it didn’t matter. 
“This shall be a good memory too, with its bumps along the run.”
Leon’s lips raise into a soft, real smile.
“It will be.”
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Rating: (G)
Warnings: None.
Content Notes: It is the first snow's fall and the first time that Kallion, Mallie and Raunien have ever seen snow.
Kallion is 4, Joscelin is 3 and Mallie is 2. Raunien is 6 months.


Kallion gave an excited cry and small fingers pointed out through the castle window at the white that was falling from the skies.  Mallie, who had slept beside him in the crib as neither toddler would sleep away from each other when they were in the same place, blinked sleeping dust from her eyes.

The Princess’s green eyes widened seeing fluff of white as she had never seen before, being from the northern desert lands. Joscelin laughed and clapped his hands seeing the snow, the one who although a toddler in body was an adult in the mind. The heir was a reborn Elvish soul who was the eldest in spirit and cared for his brothers and cousin like his own after their mother’s death. The nursing maid looked out at the morning, “Well, very well then.  Get ye all some food and get ye all dressed for the cold. Then ye can see the snow.”

Mallie at two years old clung to Kallion’s side feeling his protection and overwhelmed by the new experience. Her hand had snow on its palm and she stared at it wide eyed in wonder. This was the first time she, Kallion and Raunien had ever seen the snow. Kallion at four had his white angel wing around Mallie holding her to his side instinctively protective laughing as the snow fell onto his tongue. The youngest, baby Raunien made noises and scrunched his nose swaddled in the nurse maid’s arms. Joscelin toddled his way to a bank of snow and began to compact it.

“Kally! Come here, bring Mallie!”

Kallion tilted his head but he helped Mallie through the snow on her little legs and Joscelin showed them how to compact the fluff into a big ball. Together they would make a miniature snowman with Joscelin giving the instructions as Mallie and Kallion were very quiet, scared children. Then he would pick up more of the white and toss it at Mallie who shrilly squeaked! She made a face before throwing some back at him. “Na Nice!”

Joscelin laughed and it soon turned into the three tossing hand falls of snow before falling together into the snow banks.  Mallie laughed alongside Joscelin and even scarred Kallion giggled with abandon in the first winter’s snow.

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Title: Time Passes
Rating: (PG)
Content Notes: Reinn Anon is the God of Light, Angels and Wind, Panari is his half child making him a Demi God, which allows for him to grow up much quicker.

The story Loving this way comes before this.

Warnings: None
Main Character/s: Mallie Quele, Kallion ap'Eibhlhin
Plot: Four years after Kallion and Mallie go their own ways, they reunite at last.
Location: Rimedur - Grand Opera House.



Mallie ducked her head out the backstage door, and her green eyes lit upon seeing him standing there anxiously.

“Mallie,” there was a tenderness to his tone and it brought back memories. It had been four years sense they had gone their own ways. The actress looked back to the other crew members and then she slipped out into the side hall of the Opera house. She was in an off white bellowing gown that she would be wearing as she played her role. There were more bows and lace on this dress then she would ever dare to wear otherwise. Her hands clasped behind her back and she rocked on her heels.

“What are you doing in Rimedur?”

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 I recently had another commission done of a character of mine and wanted to show it off as he did a gorgeous job!

This is Mallie, daughter of Nilec and a traveling actor, who is an world traveling actress herself.

They say women hide behind makeup. They don't know how true that saying is with me. I fall to pieces without the mask; the makeup is the mask, it is my face, my facade. My strength.

I want to be strong enough to stand on my own, to spin, to dance and twirl until I fall.
Then know how to pick myself back up again.
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Title: Loving this way
Prompt: Jealousy
Rating: (Pg-13)
Content Notes: These two, oh these two. They love each other so dearly, so deeply but they just have to let go.
Inspired by Collin Raye's Loving this Way. The story Please Don't Leave Me comes before this.

Warnings: None
Main Character/s: Mallie Quele, Kallion ap'Eibhlhin
Plot: Love and a relationship left behind.
Location: Dire Cry Castle


“I...I think we should start seeing other people Kallion.”

The words held a weight that even with the knowledge they were coming still made shoulders sag and throat go dry.

“I’m...not what you want, I’m not what you need,” the words were soft, tired and hurt, and Kallion starred at Mallie as her hands wrung.

“That’s not true,” Kallion responded with immediately larger hands taking up hers and she shook her head, thick black curls falling into her face.

“I don’t want to love like this anymore, I’ve tried, we’ve tried...Can...We still be friends?” It was asking too much she knew but earnest green eyes looked through curls at the man she had loved sense she had been a child.

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Title: Please Don't Leave Me
Rating: (PG-13)
Content Notes/Warnings: They yell, they tear at each others emotions, but they need each other, they love each other. Inspired by Pink's Please Don't Leave me, it's Kallion and Mallie's Theme Song. Childhood Comfort comes before this.

I'd like to make clear this isn't just a man emotionally abusing his fiance relationship, Kallion
whom has lost loved ones in his past is over protective of his fiance who has been abused nearly all her life by men . She thinks he is caging her and thinking her weak as her country believes woman are....they yell, they scream, and they both end up hurt. But Kallion would NEVER hit her, the yelling matches are fair, she sometimes starts the arguments, he sometimes does. It doesn't matter who started or finished. Both have the best intentions at heart, but it doesn't seem to show. They are complicated but love each other dearly and couldn't live without each other. Things do get better for them but it takes a long time.

No Warnings.

Main Character/s: Mallie Quele, Kallion ap'Eiblhion
Plot: It was finally to much, Mallie was going to leave, but Kallion couldn't live without her.
Location: Dire Cry castle, Dire Cry city.


How many times had he seen her back as she walked away? The tenseness of her shoulders, the swaying of her hips and her hands in tight fists after a yelling match.


“I’m sorry...”

Her step falters, her hands disappearing before her, head bowing, the thick black curls covering her shoulders that quiver.

“ Really?” Echoes off sandstone walls back still turned to him talking to air.

Kallion swallows and his brow furrows taking a step forward, his hands reaching out in vain toward his fiance, “Yes. I didn’t mean it. I promise. Please don’t leave me.”

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Title: Childhood Comfort
Rating: (PG)
Content Notes/Warnings: Kallion is a half Arch angel the son of Elhannan, who was Guardian to the protagonist (Nathanial) of my novels. Elhannan died and Kallion was captured and enslaved, but he was later saved and adopted by Nathanial, who has also died leaving Kallion parentless. Mallie is the daughter of Nathanial's adopted sister Queen Nilec. Both though only 9 and 7 respectively have already seen too much...

No Warnings.

Main Character/s: Mallie Quele, Kallion ap'Eiblhion
Plot: Both have nightmares, and at night they comfort each other.
Location: Illander castle, illander city.



The boy woke with a start; shivers passing down his spine as he heard a voice from the darkness of his room. Eyes opened tentatively and he looked up into the shadows of his room, sweat collecting on his brow. From within shadows the vibrant greens were haunted and tears were falling.

"Mallie?" he whispered in concern; his throat dry from the hours of sleep.

The half Arch Angel would sit up slowly from beneath the blankets always so leery; he did not want her to see his scars. But Nathanial had said before he died to that they would heal in time, though the soul scars…those would only heal if he would let them be as he still picked at them like an open wound. Kallion couldn’t understand what he had meant, he always dreamed of the past, of the bad place.

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