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One of Maaron's lips in tones that better suit darker skins. 

One of my favorite of Jessi's old lipsticks done in Trappings skintone color actions. 

Go see the swatches and Download HERE

Aside: Thank you Avelexi for the beautiful previews! 

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For the theme word ’ Prophecy’

She is of my novel world Cor'terrae.

‘The All-Seeing.’
The Divine of Control, Time and Fate

Information, Pictures and a Download Link


Recolored 8 different makeups, a skin, hair, eyes.


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Things I made for my GOS CiJ in 2014!


Period games always need more undies and sleepwear, and I tend to find that people make clothes for the nobility more then the common folk. So here is some simple shifts in natural and dyed colors for adult women. 

Recolors of the Kitchen and Bath period stove in shastakiss' metals.
A timber framing seamless wall set in 3 parts.

They can be mix and matched between the pieces.

Lastly, the temple wood floor from Whiterun, Skyrim.

These were done in a few select shades.
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Second Preview

I got the idea for this from Loki’s Wager, in that after cutting off Sif’s hair, Loki goes to the Dwarves to create her hair of gold in restitution. He not only makes a deal with one group of craftsman, but two, wagering his head with the second group, which means that the winner had the right to kill the loser. After cheating, and trying to trick his way out of the bargain he had made, the dwarf (who legally owns Loki’s head) sews Loki’s mouth shut. - A Look at Loki 

A tiny thing, yet, I wanted to do something for this theme I love, but life hasn’t made simming easy at the moment. My brother died 22 days ago… 
These are recolors of AlfredAskew’s skeleton mouth full face makeup, so that they look like different colors of mouth stitching. I mainly did subdued colors as they look best on both light and dark skin-tones.


Thank you to MissTiikeri for the beautiful Loki Sim used in my Previews
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Another One!
Geldyh's Fantasy face paints recolored as blushes. 
These were made ages ago and I had an in-game swatch done, but had not taken a nice preview picture. As my computer is in the middle of upgrades I could not make those last previews myself. So boolpropbea came to the rescue!
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Sorry this is not as big as some of my other gifts, I have been mainly playing lately.
That’s right, actually playing instead of creating :P

But here are some lipstick for you all!

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Remi’s Maxis Edit!

19 Misc recolors.

Colors used:







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I fell in love with the House of Night novel series awhile back, even though I did not want to like an adolescent vampire 'highschool' series.
However I quite enjoyed these books.
So with this supernatural theme I thought it about time to upload my separated Crescent moon markings.

Makeup originally by Morbia made for Sesshoumaru from Inuyasha.


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I made these quite a while ago for my medieval game. I loved the texture of the lips on the illyria skin by opiumlullabies on modthesims. With the cracked look they could work well for vampires or zombies ^_~

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Here is my first contribution to GOS monthly theme!

More Info and Download
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Izumi’s two Diamond makeups as Full Face Paint instead of Blushes and recolored in 15 colors.




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