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Kingdoms Conquered When and By Whom Chronologically  With Citizenship Status and Year Given:

Kingdom of Gaelia (First Imperial Province. Conquered Year 163 by King Lukyan) (Full Citizenship in year 163)

Kingdom of Itenea (Conquered and becomes an Imperial Province by King Lukyan year 165) (Full Citizenship in year 176)

Kingdom of Kandelmar (Conquered and becomes an Imperial Province by King Lukyan year 194) (Full Citizenship in year 359)

Kingdom of Gheldan (Conquered year 171 by King Lukyan. Gheldan is absorbed into the province of Gaelia in year 174) (Limited Citizenship given when Gheldan is recognized as it’s province in year 855.)

Kingdom of Fefinol Rhan (Conquered and becomes an Imperial Province by King Alva year 471) (Full Citizenship in year 510)

Kingdom of Grimhorn (Conquered and becomes an Imperial Province by King Sheudar year 611) (Full Citizenship in year 961)

Kingdom of Islay (Conquered and becomes an Imperial Province by King Valentiln year 999)(No Citizenship)

Kingdom of Gadhoign (Conquered and becomes an Imperial Province by King Valentiln year 1037)(Limited Citizenship in year 1501)

Kingdom of Esuna (Conquered and becomes an Imperial Province by King Valentiln year 1055)(Full Citizenship in year 1057)

Kingdom of Maighen (Conquered in part by King Valentlin, completely conquered by King Aelfric in year 1182. Absorbed into the province Gadhoign until 1500 when Maighen revolts and declares their independence. The newly independent kingdom is re-conquered by Queen Zosia in 1502.)(Limited Citizenship in year 1908)

Kingdom of Navarre (Conquered by Rhiasart year 1329) (Full Citizenship in year 1357)

Kingdom of Icaria (Conquered by Wilhelmine 1336)(Limited Citizenship in year 1340)

The Cannesh Steepes(Conquered by Queen Zosia year 1462.)(Vassal/Limited Citizenship in year 1462.)

Kingdom of Tabrimon (Joined the Empire year 1472) (Full Citizenship in year 1472)


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Drefan had not thought everything through in murdering his father, he was not normally so impulsive. The last year had disrupted and changed so much. But the King of Royale, his father was dead, in small pieces in some brook somewhere, where no-one living would find the abusive Son of a Bitch. But that meant Royale had no King, Robert’s wife Elizabeth was a mouse of a woman from the abuse, daughter of a Danaigh merchant from the north, she could not rule herself, a foreign woman and in a foreign land.

The throne fell to Drefan, but wait, the peace agreement, the legally binding marital agreement between Cama’ra and Royale told a different story. Bitter enemies for more then a millennium, this had been a very long time in coming, orchestrated by Drefan that his younger brother would marry the Camar’ian heir. So Drefan could not rule if he did not wish to break treaty. He had worked for years, putting up with slander and ridicule by his enemies to get peace for his people…

Until Thom was of age their would be no King of Royale, the throne left empty and Camar’a pulling it’s strings. Drefan had to talk to his people, translating for the two people he wanted dead now even more then his father, but the thought of war stilled his hand. With Queen Elaina and King Peter standing at his back he passes the edicts that are veiled threats, and diplomatic vomit. He cools his expression and acts the diplomat as he boils inside, strings being pulled as a marinate.

The people of Royale listened to him, true heir of the Dark throne, to tell them to peacefully give up their arms, the men ordered to give up their swords and military academies closed. The Kingdom of Light feared it’s old enemy greatly and the only control they could keep was through military superiority. Drefan felt the clenching of his gut squeeze harder each and every time he saw the look of confusion, the mix of trust and loyalty in the eyes of his people. An honest bewilderment of people with too great an honor code to not obey their Lord. The Royalians simply wanted  to know why Drefan was agreeing, they wanted to know why they did not fight the Camar’ians.

All Drefan could say to them in his anguished eyes was…


By Nanqa, the Dark Lord, I’ll do something.

I promise.

The resignation of their eyes would only grow in the next year as foreign policies were instated, foreign guards and lords taking the place of their own. Sadness, anger Drefan could have understood, could have comforted but resignation? Resignation was unassailable.

To save himself and his brother from private agony he had caused the oppression of his own people by their oldest enemy. Peaceful the guise may have been he knew as Elaina and Peter took his brother Thom aside to teach him how to rule that they would systematically destroy everything Royalian about his beloved homeland.

Drefan’s killing of his father caused this disaster, then the spell he meant to use on one of his brother’s friends went awry and began to slowly kill his brother… His mother Elizabeth suicides and Drefan knows as he reads the note she left behind it is his fault. Monster.

At last his brother succumbs to the disease from the spell and perishes with Drefan clutching his hands at Thom’s bedside. Chaos had been inching it’s way, twisting in, breaking pieces away and finally his mind shattered.  Everything he had meant to do to help had only furthered the destruction of everything he held dear.

So then, who were the first to die when he loses himself to the darkness and his God with him?

The King and Queen of Cama’ra.

Gaelians, the people of Camar’a, oppressors of his people.

Those who scorned and hated him still.

All would die, and rise again to serve him in undeath. All for the love of his family and his homeland.

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Novel Start Ages - June 11th 1992 :

(Nathanael has not yet had his birthday that would make him 10.)

1992 - Peter 28, Eliana 29
1992 - Nathy 9, Drefan 19
1992 - Nilec 177
1992 - Thom 14
1992 - Lawrence Aktarian 20
1992 - Drydren Atrious 34
1992 - Elizabeth Royale 36
1992 - Robert Royale 39

Birth dates, Year and Month:

Nilec - July 14th 1815 
Damion - September 28th 1821 
Drefan - December 7th 1973 
Thom - October 12th, 1977 
Nathy - July 6th 1982 
Jay - August 27th 1996
Kallion  - February 29 1998
Jocelin - April 2th 1998
Mallie - June 15th 2000

Event Timeline:

Peter when his parent Joscelin is murdered at 154 years of age is 7 yrs old in year 1970.
Nilec is 167, Peter is 20 and Linda is 19 when Nathanael is born in year 1982.
Robert is 39 when he is murdered in year 1992.
Elizabeth is 37 when she suicides in year 1993.
Peter is 30, Linda 31 when they are murdered and Thom 17 when he dies of disease in year 1994 leaving Nathanael 12.
Nilec is 185 and Damion is 179 when Nathanael dies at 18 in year 2000.


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