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Franfeliano’s The Person Below Me prompt on GOS was:

TPBM will make a sim with high cheekbones, thick eyebrows that loves any bright color, her/his favorite season is Winter. 

So here is Queen Annabelle. 


Queen Annabelle about to commence a snowball fight with her husband King Albert!

She loves the snow of winter and bright colors seen in her dress and outerwear.

Making Snow angels ^_^

Annabelle has the high cheekbones and thick brows along with little pointy ears.


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Shastakiss’ The Person Below Me prompt on GOS was:

TPBM will make a sim who wears a crown, likes very comfy beds, and their favorite color is pea-green 

So here is King Albert. 

He surrounds himself with greens of a paler tone and as close as possible to that ‘pea-green.’ I found him the comfiest of Thrones so he could have a lazy recline and possible use it as a bed to have a nap when not doing Kingly things. (And posing sims on beds has always been kind of awkward.)


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I fell in love with the sim I used to show the Default of Lilith's blue alien skin.
So here she is up for download.


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Tumblr 200 Followers Gift 1/2

Jasmine Darnell Posters on the Base Game Soccer Mesh


Tumblr 200 Followers Gift 2/2

Marilesse Nymph Priestess Sim from my BACC



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This is Baldwin, who happened to look so dashing that while taking preview pictures I decided that he had to have his own life in my main-hood. He is as the picture states, a blind but (dashing) gentleman.

His skin will be your default 3rd as that is what he has in my game, if you want him as he is… You will need Lilith’s Solitude blends.
His facepaint was made by me, the whole set will be available soon.

Give Baldwin a Home!
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This was Sim C of the Infect a sim Chellange who I named Debbie.
Nymphy made her facial sculpt so all credit for that goes to her. I just gave her a new look.
She also gave me her permission to upload her.


You will find her in her own thread on GOS!
More pictures are there as well.

The GOS Thread!
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Presenting Tidus.
Here is the last of three Final Fantasy sim requests.

It took so long to get this guy done because I was attempting to get a very good make of his costume off an Asian forum.
Unable to do so after waiting weeks I took two inferior textures and tried to make something decent.

So both the necklace and outfit are made by me though textures are not mine.

There is only a Genetic Version.
(Hair, Skin, Eyes)

"This is our story! Now let's see this thing through together!"


Genetic Version

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Presenting Garnet/Dagger.
Here is the second of three Final Fantasy sim requests.

There is only a Genetic Version.
(Hair, Skin, Eyes)

"Devotion. Someday I will be queen, but I will always be myself."


Genetic Version

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Presenting Tifa Lockhart.
Here is the first of three Final Fantasy sim requests.

An Tifa behind the Cut! )

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Presenting Yuna.
I was asked to make her, so here the Summoner is ^^.

A Yuna behind the Cut! )

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Presenting Lucrecia Crescent.
I was asked to make her and inspired I decided to also recolor a mesh to make her clothing as well as the Sim itself..

A Lucrecia behind the Cut! )

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It was requested of me to give a go at creating Lucrecia Crescent from Final Fantasy 7 as I have previously made many of the FF7 and FF8 cast. This is her final face mold, and I am working on clothing right now.

Will be a bit before I release her as I have quite a few projects on the go right now!

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I did this too late to put up on GOS and I wasn't trying to completely breed out the ugly.
More of a Genetic experiment.

Pictures and Download Inside! )
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Mouseyblue's Isaac's eyes recolored by Misstiikeri, made Genetic by me.



Finally done moving, had fun at Animethon, meet some amazing people, have new friends and am going to a family reunion this weekend. Between surgeries, moving and stress summer vacation feels like it hasn't even started yet >.<


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