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I have had prior novel events written for the Camarian Royal family for years as Camara has been far easier for me to flesh out. Well now it's time to suck it up and do the Royalian Royal family. So I started this, however, this post only goes to 3968 so it is part 1 of 3. 3992 is the opening year of my novels and where this well eventually end. This ends up being way more detailed then Nath's family...

This is Drefan’s family history.


Emperor Taj Royale was Drefan’s Great Grandfather.

Empress Consort Galina Royale was Drefan’s Great Grandmother.



Prince of Second Rank Talkran Royale is Drefan’s Great Uncle.

Prince of the Second Rank Ademar Royale was Drefan’s Great Uncle.


Emperor Stanislas Royale was Drefan’s Grandfather

Empress Consort Maral Royale was Drefan’s Grandmother.



Emperor Robert Royale is Drefan & Thom’s Father.

Princess of the First Rank Cermaka Royale was Drefan and Thom’s Aunt.


3189-3357 The Age of Spirits:

3315 – Talkran Royale is born to Emperor Taj as a Prince of the Second Rank, the child of an Imperial Concubine, with little chance at the throne.

3319 – Ademar Royale is born to Emperor Taj as a Prince of the Second Rank, the child of an Imperial Concubine, with little chance at the throne. 

3324 – Stanislas Royale is born to Emperor Taj and Empress Consort Galina as Heir Son to the Royale throne, garnering an instant dislike by his two elder, but un-inheritable, brothers.

3332 – It has been 8 years of Talkran and Ademar mistreating their brother, from denying him food to purposefully leaving him in the cold. His royal parents have yet to notice this behavior, too busy ruling.

3334 – A ten year old Stanislas, realizing that he must largely fend for himself against his brothers begins to have some of the servants teach him a much less honorable form of hand to hand combat then the swords play he is learning from the Palace’s Black Guards.

3336 – After another four years of abuse that has escalated to various attempts at murder of the Heir Son Stanislas, Talkran allows Ademar, Prince of the Second Rank, and his younger sibling to take the fall for their joint deeds. Talkran watches from the royal booth as his brother is executed for treason.

3340 Talkran attempts to discredit his brother Stanislas who appears to have not inherited the Imperial line of necromantic arts. This does concern the provinces, whose people worried that the Heir was not as bound to the Divine of Darkness, Honor and Undead as Talkran is. Defamed by this Stanislas must prove himself to the people and peerage.

3341 – The grave of Prince Ademar, which was instated in the royal cemetery, is found to have been robbed, and a rash of city graves have been dug up.

3342 – Stanislas has taken it upon himself to finish his training with the Imperial Black Guards and has successfully passed the Exams of Merit that both officials and ministers must excel at to become peerage. He is the first Emperor to have done so.

Summer of 3343 – The first flesh sewn body is seen following Prince Talkran in the bowels of the Imperial Palace. Rumors begin to circulate through the palace that one of the dead look like the middle prince, and Talkran becomes known as a 'Fleshweaver.'

Winter of 3343 Emperor Taj wishing to retire at 53, seats his heir in the Black Throne where Stanislas immediately forms the ‘Devotion’ with the Royalian people,  and this act ceases talk that the Heir is not bound with Lord Nanqa.  Forming the Devotion is a requirement to rule the Imperial Royalian Empire and to form this mental connection with every Royalian with an embedded crystal, the heir must be of the Fallen Arch-Angel Taedras’s blood. Without this bond, consolidating power of the Empire is near impossible.

3344 – Emperor Stanislas marries a Barazon woman of peerage, Maral.

3rd month of 3347 – Prince Talkran finalizes his plans, and gains the power to transform himself into a lich. He does not, however, let it be known he is now undead, and uses illusion spells to keep his human or living appearance.

5th month of 3347 – No longer afraid of any or all repercussions, Talkran murders his father once-Emperor Taj in cold blood, before vanishing the body. His laboratory and prison in the lower levels are ripped apart in efforts to find the Emperor's remains, but they cannot be found. Emperor Stanislas enraged in grief for his father and the possible desecration of the Prior Emperor’s corpse heads a military manhunt for his elder brother. 

6th month of 3347 – Talkran is at last apprehended, and according to Palace records, found guilty of murder, treason, and grave robbing. Emperor Stanislas would attempt, and fail to execute Talkran by the following methods: bathing him in acid, burning him at the stake, and finally dismembering him. The lich was known to crow with laughter during his death, and return from the dead-flesh rebound and laughing once again within weeks. It takes the threat of the Fallen Arch Angel, Taedras to banish the lich from Royale for good.

12th month of 3347 – The royal couple have their first child Daegal Royale, and with each Imperial first child it is the ‘Imperial Sacrifice.’ He is named shortly before the newborn’s spirit is returned to the Amaranthine River.  This is done by each Emperor in, “Royal subordination of the Heart in servitude to the Royalian People and the Lord of Darkness, Nanqa.”  A physical and painful display of the royal family’s loyalty, duty and honor to a people who would return said loyalty by offering their lives and undeaths in battle for the Empire.

3348 Emperor Stanislas makes the decision to have no concubines, which is abnormal for the reigning Emperor. He does this however to ascertain all of his children will be with his Empress and hopefully lessen the possibility of violent infighting between his children due to his own awful childhood with his half-brothers.

3351 – Robert Royale is born to Empress Consort Maral, as Heir Son to the Royale throne.

3353 Emperor Stanislas Royale heads a contingent of Black Guard in quelling rebellion among the Vivassians swiftly.

3355 Cermaka Royale, the Imperial couple’s only daughter and Princess of the First Rank is born.  Empress Maral was a distant mother figure, finding it difficult to show any emotion towards her children due to her inflexible attitude toward her royal position. This stifled maternal affections, and it was only her daughter that she genuinely enjoyed.

3357 Emperor Stanislas takes Imperial Black Guard forces into the south-eastern province of Hlukhiv to assist in pushing back Danu raiders from beyond the southern mountains that were pillaging Eolin towns. So impressed is he with the military excellence of the Black Guard that he requests that the Commander of the Black Guard personally instruct the heir when Robert is of age to live among them at the Citadel. 


3357-3368 The Age of Lilies:

7th month of 3359 – Princess Cermaka dies of Pneumonia at 4 years of age devastating her parents and prompting the Empress to publicly retire to her family’s estates in the province of DormuKai. She is only seen after this during the yearly Royal bloodletting ritual for good harvests. Robert is only 8 when he loses his beloved sister and he is hidden from the public by his father for his breakdown. He learns early that such shows of emotion are unseemly among royalty as he is now left alone with only his Father at the Castle.

10th month of 3359 The Dirian War begins for the Holy Camarian Empire with the northern desert lands. For the first time a treaty for peace is written between the two Empires who have off and on warred for three millennia. Emperor Stanislas is deep in personal grief and agrees to the twenty-five year terms headed by crowned Sovereign Joscelin I of Camara.

3360 – Stanislas refuses his Ministers once again on the matter of taking concubines and will not divorce his wife who he understands wishes to have no more children. The Emperor remains alone, not bothering his wife’s privacy. The Royalian common admires him for remaining faithful to his wife regardless. Unfortunately, the loss of his daughter and his wife’s withdrawal makes the Emperor that much colder, distant and strict to his heir and son Robert.

3361 Robert has been set to a strict regimen of lessons pertaining to the eventual taking of the Merit Exams since his sister’s death. This has been in effort to curb the child’s sullenness and fickle temper that has reared its head since Prince Cermaka’s death. ‘Where sadness is unacceptable there only remains fury as an emotional response to loss.’

3363 At twelve Robert has not inherited the Royale line’s necromantic powers and Stanislas relocates his heir to the Black Guard citadel where Robert will live among those who have returned as Undead to serve the Empire.  The Undead Black Guards will drill him on The Veziput Code, swordsmanship and military discipline alongside his Imperial history and Nanqaian theology.

Early 3368 – The Heir Apparent Robert Royale takes the Merit Exams during his 16th year and excels. His father Emperor Stanislas calls him back to the Imperial Palace at this time to begin to teach him how to run the Empire. The Prince has a reputation among the people as being a studious, dutiful, well composed royal who takes his responsibilities to the Empire as seriously as his Father does.

Mid 3368 Emperor Stanislas holds a formal ball at the Imperial Palace where the eldest unmarried daughter of each Minister in the main 6 provinces will be presented to the heir. He would dance with each one of them and spend time speaking to them that night before making his decision on which he will court.  Lady Lucina of the province of DormuKai, a fellow Barazon is chosen by Heir Prince Robert Royale.  A softer side of the royal is seen when he is with her, however per noble tradition they will not wed or be intimate until Robert ascends the throne. 

Late 3368 
– Emperor Stanislas imparts an important piece of wisdom to his son in regards to the Royalian throne, “To be an Emperor is to be an actor. Never show weakness or else someone stronger will try to take everything from you. They will deem you unfit to rule the Empire, and if you do make that mistake, use the Devotion to undo your indiscretion. The people will know no better…”

 (The Devotion or ‘The Kiss of God’ is a mental connection that has kept the people safe from Camarian magics that could have potentially brain washed them. It helped the people see through illusions, glamours, charms and other such tricks. It could also be used by Emperors for less than noble reasons. It could be used to make subjects forget any and all transgressions in the fixing of memories and could also be quite suggestive or manipulative of choices made.)

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On Average:
Cor'Terrae Has -

33 Hours in a Day
21 Days in a Month.
253 Days in a Year.
12 Months in a Year.

12 months = 21 days for 11 months, with 1 day added to the month of the Winter Solstice.
7 days a week (Which makes 3 weeks in a month.)
These numbers are explained in the Cosmology.

The Main Continent (The Known World) is in the southern hemisphere, with the deserts of the north-lands (Diria and Zene) at the equator. So the seasons and months correspond to a southern climate (As in Our Australia/South America/Africa.) Consequently, Summer is at the beginning of the year and Winter is in the middle of the year.


Yearly Calender


The separate Empire’s would have their own respective calendars, however, the Holy Camarian Empire is the center of the stories so the dates will follow the Camarian calendar.

The Summer Solstice and the First Day of Summer is Cynteya 21st.

Gorfanaur (Of Dry Hopes - The Celebration of The Summer Solstice and the New Year in Camara)

Gwanlote 21st is also the last day of the previous year, known as the ‘Longest Day’, and is an auspicious holiday devoted to new beginnings. In the cities, a fair takes place that celebrates the Goddess of Music, Rina Linn and the God of the Sun Nau'ar. Dancing is had and music is played in the streets and good will is a plenty in the cities.

In the towns and villages, however, so dependent on the leniency of the God of the Sun for their crops, there is little celebration and much veneration. The God of the Sun and Fire is known to as the God of Power and it is in his nature to be selfish and vain. If dances or prayers are given up they are made to Nau'ar only as these communities offer ritual sacrifices of some of healthiest cattle and sheep to appease him.

1st Month - Meheleire (Midsummer) Cynteya (Beginning of Summer)
2nd Month - Zwngahaf (The End of Summer)
3rd Month - Haeeren (Harvest, Named after Goddess of Nature)
Autumnal Equinox - Zwngahaf 21st
4th Month - Nn'harsal (Autumn, Named after God of Death/Souls)
5th Month - Hrethsos (Fierce Winds)
6th Month - Pyrmogae (Of Dusk, Loss of the Sun)
Winter Solstice - Pyrmogae 21st
8th Month - Gaesneira (Snow and Ice)
9th Month - Endelrhew (Last Frost)
10th Month - Neivorlyng (Spring Start)
Spring Equinox - Neivorlyng 1st of 2nd
11th Month - Matarshae (Rains, Named after the God of Water)
11th Month - Gwanlote (Blossoms Blooming)
12th Month - Cynteya (Beginning of Summer)
Summer Solstice - Cynteya 21st

The Winter Solstice is on Pyrmogae 21st.

Nostrildom (Of Night Stars - The Celebration of Midwinter in Camara)

The week of Pyrmogae 14th to 21st is celebrated as Midwinter by the Holy Camarian Empire with the 21st being the Longest Night, where The God of Light won over the God of Darkness. This is of religious importance to the day that follows, the ill-received 22nd. One candle is lit on the 14th in all homes that celebrate, and this pattern is continued until the 21st. On the Longest Night, there will be seven candles to protect the inhabitants of the home from the darkness and evil that will be most powerful that night and the following day.

The Goddess of Stars Clerics and Holy warriors all keep vigil from dusk to dawn each night of this week, kneeling before Sila Vor’s statue. Prostate they remain, with their heads to the floor upon cobblestone of her temple. There is a fast during these hours for these men and women who protect.

On the final night, the Longest Night of the 21st in the Imperial Castle the most beautiful Elven woman in the city is chosen to represent the Goddess of the Stars and Elves. Her face is hidden by a veil as the Goddess’s beauty is so, that no mortal can see it and survive. Wrapped in silks and lace, this Elven maiden plays her part and is nearly captured by the God of Darkness Nanqa, a man painted as an ebony demon. He dances around her, seducing her away with whispered promises and evil intent from the half angel who shines, representing the God of Light, Reinn Anon. This half angel who is the husband of Sila Vor protects the maiden from the Dark God Nanqa, capturing the loathsome God and collaring the demon, signifying that life is preserved and protected for another year.

Through the castle into the city streets the three parade, Reinn Anon protecting his beloved, shielding her and marching the imprisoned Nanqa to the Grand cathedral where Nanqa will be locked inside a man-sized cage. Cloth of darkest and thickest black will be thrown over the demon to re-enact the God of Darkness being vanquished and banished far out into the void where he could never return. The King or Queen would then lead prayers in thanks to the King and Queen of Heaven (Reinn Anon and Sila Vor) upon the balcony of the Imperial Castle and the evening will end with dancing and merriment.

As a Side Note: The celebration has been calmed by the Royal Family in the last twenty years, whereas prior, Nanqa’s player being a demon was not symbolic. The Church would find a demon born and force them to play the part, heavily collared, where he would be sacrificed inside the God of Light’s Grand Cathedral as a clear sign of Reinn Anon’s superiority and power over the God of Darkness.

Pynzanqa (Gate of Darkness - The Extra Day in Camara)

The most superstitious and feared day of each year follows on the coat-tails of the Winter Solstice in the Camarian Empire. Pyrmogae is the only month of the year to have 22 days, and many Camarians consider this 22nd day to be very ill luck, and most dare not leave their homes for fear of demons and the Dark God, Nanqa. If anyone must leave their homes they do so swathed in a cloak, with faces hidden by masks that were worn for the Winter Solstice celebrations the night before. These disguises are used to hide not only those who are afraid of being found by demons but also by those with ill intent.

As so few individuals are willing to go out on this day, the 22nd of Pyrmogae is considered a day of anarchy where abuses of the law are many: murder, adultery, intoxication, and theft abound. Holy Paladins of Reinn Anon’s Light are called to keep order in the many cities of the Empire throughout this grim day.

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Born the second son and heir to the Imperial Royalian Empire in 1286 CC (CC = according to the Camarian Calender,) Drakor Orn Royale was often sent to the borderlands to keep the forces of the Holy Camarian Empire at bay. Gaining the respect of the war fatigued men under his command Drakor spoke to his sister Sirvat who was three years his junior about becoming a Liche. This way Drakor would be able to better aid his men on the battlefield. The siblings decided they would both embrace un-death side by side.

Sirvat became a vampire and stepped back from the world’s stage into the vampire courts of the Menel Swamp. But Drakor could not bow out, his lands needed him, his peoples needed him. Drakor who was already sick and tired of war would be given the throne in year 1321 CC at 35 years of age with his father’s death.

The fighting would stall, stopping if only for a couple of years before starting up once more. Camarians would advance into Royalian lands and wreck havoc before being pushed back. Royalians would advance into Camarian territory and do much the same. The 'Contested Lands' that were the constant sight of bloody warfare was scorched and dead earth. By 1447 CC Drakor had existed for over a century; tired of war and all its consequences he realizes there is but one way to create everlasting peace.

Drakor had a blade forged by the Arch Angel of Annihilation in the Void beyond the world’s edge. Exodus, the sword that was the receptacle of Drakor’s soul was capable of utter obliteration. It could destroy both the body and the soul of any being created from Light.

Drakor had been lead by,"visions of the world’s last battles as he conquered the globe. Drakor saw himself ending wars and pity feuds and being named Emperor of the entire continent. He saw Cor’terrae finally at peace."

But peace did not necessarily mean free or alive.

"Drakor was a man who had lived too long, who had seen too much war and pain, who had witnessed destruction. After so much horror, wouldn’t you want to put an end to it, too? - Sirvat Royale.

Drakor intended to destroy those who resisted and turn undead the entire world. In doing so this would unify all peoples under his will. No thought, no expression, no life to lose, there would be no need to fight, no want to war.

The Demi Liche had conquered all the human kingdoms by 1480 CC which was nearly a third of the world. But the Elves had taken up arms beside the Jharrikk (Scaled peoples), two species that were not created by Light. A female paladin of the Goddess of Law, Eyoria, came to an understanding with her deity of what she must do to stop Drakor. Fighting side by side with Lady Meiva she lead the Jharrikk against Drakor in the northern passes in 1486 CC.

"You must think your quest is for the benefit of us all, but you are misguided. Turn back now, I have no wish to destroy you Liche. Listen to me! I will not allow you to succeed, no matter the cost. We will both die here this day."

The Meivan paladin turned Drakor’s blade upon himself, and Drakor only laughed for he knew as a Liche he would regenerate so long as his soul was safe within the blade. But Eyoria knew this too and as Drakor’s body failed she pulled back the blade only to plunge Exodus through her own heart.

Piercing the human core, (the heart where the soul resides) of herself, Eyoria gripped Drakor’s crumbling form to her own. Both bodies crumbled to dust leaving only the destructive blade in the desert sands. Eyoria’s soul being of a neutral nature, could not be destroyed by the Void and instead she allowed the Void Blade to capture her essence within it. Enveloping the dark, vengeful soul within her own Eyoria caged Drakor inside Exodus, fighting back his ability to regenerate upon Cor’terrae. Both spirits would be imprisoned within the tainted weapon for eternity.

The blade would be hidden in the eastern mountains of the desert lands within a tomb for Eyoria's companions. But this chamber of the dead would grow tainted over time, a darkness seeping forth that prompted the walling in of the stone casket for nearly five hundred years. There Exodus would remain until Prince Nathanael senses its darkness and contrary to the wishes of his own companions Nathanael takes the sword with them. Nathanael knows that Drakor's soul strangely enough is no longer within the blade at this time as Drefan had gone searching for it. The opening of the novels with Drefan coming out of detox for his opium addiction follows right after that failed endeavour.

Exodus will further taint the boy's corroding soul but offer him the whispered advice of the withering paladin who assists in the adolescents hopes of forgiving Drakor's descendent Drefan instead of destroying him. When asked where Drakor's soul is a weakening Eyoria only speaks cryptically, "The Liche is of no danger to the world on the shoulder of the walker."

The blade will eat what is left of the paladin's essence as Eyoria uses the last of her strength to give this adolescent the knowledge to save not only himself and his world but Drefan as well. So in a manner of speaking Eyoria would go on to save Cor'Terrae from not one maddened by grief liche, but two before the paladin is at last destroyed.

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To recap from the other post:




Royale Sq miles: 429,747

Royale Population: 9,467,181



Royale Sq miles: 429,747

Royale Population: 3,881,544

58% War Casualties



Royale Population: 2,949,973

24% Deaths due to environmental damage (Plains and farmland destroyed) from the war equalling food shortages and anarchy from no central government


Royale Population: 2,625,476

11% Deaths due to Civil War


Royale Population: 3,439,374

An average of 0.02% growth per year

34%Natural population increase in 12 years.



Royale Population: 3,680,130

King Samuel re-unites the territories under his rule, re-establishing the Royalian Empire.

An average of 0.07% that year



Royale Population 4,121,746

0.11 % average population increase in 3 years of peace with central government.

In short. Royale goes through Hell :<
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Part 2 of 5 of Camar’a Sere’th World Map.

Part 1 Here
(Empire of Camar’a)

The south most ice lands.

This is a wasteland that is nearly unknown by all those in the warm lands to the north.

Areas of Note:

Yjittaa Pass is the only open path deep into the Glacier Plains.
Yliviska is a human settlement of those who have survived the sub zero temperatures.
The Necropolis is a city of sentient undead ruled by a Demi Lich which is in alliance with the Empire of Royale to the north of the Sivy Vrch.
The Ice Rifts are impossible to cross and one must go through the mountains to the north instead.
Eolin Larrnayin is a mountain that is home to the Eolin tiger Kin, a race of white tigers with human intellect and speech, the size of mankind.
The Statue of Nanqa is The God of Darkness’s grand monument built at the highest peak of the Sivy Vrch Summit.
Fjall lage is the valley where the Fjallael (Ice Elves) live deep in the subterranean cave networks where there is still warmth.
Jaitalia is the ice/land bridge that has been used for the migration of animals and people from the eastern continent.

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This is what I spent my free afternoon doing...
This would also be why my girlfriend thinks I'm nuts.
I just enjoy being very very ANAL in my world building Details ^_~

Camarian Empire Population before the War:


Camarian Empire Population just after the War:


31% War Causalities

This does not of course include the long term effects from land destruction, disrupted trade etc on the Empire’s population.

This will, when taken into account, lower the numbers accordingly.

Historic War: Apparently during the 30-year war in Europe in 1618 –1648 significant damage was inflicted to the Northern and Central parts of Germany. From a population of 17 mil to 13-10 mil people. That was normal medieval warfare, no magic, but for 30 years.
Novel: I’m trying to figure what would have happened on my world to the Empire of Royale in the 4 years that an insane Lich had his undead armies decimate everything. Given anyone that died became more undead…
I’m thinking..
  • The fact there was no centralized local government left in Royale
  • There once enemy (Camar’a) had military occupational control
  • Which meant men could not bare arms

Would leave Royale with like 40% of the population after the war’s end.

Royalian Empire Population Before the War:


Royalian Empire Population just after the War:


58% War Casualties

Then there is this that would follow…
  • Still no centralized local government and still under military occupation
  • Most of the empire was plains/grassland for farming. Now that is all Ash.
Will recalculate with those points in mind later.
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(Nathanael has been ill sense he was a toddler and has been coped up in a cabin far away from people to keep him safe and as healthy as they can. He learned he would die of the illness at age 9 without any previous understanding of death; no outside contact, no pets, they were vegetarian. His parents, both young and from traumatic backgrounds themselves teach their child that anger is a sin when Nathanael shows anger, bitterness, frustration and resentment at the thought of him, ''Going on the long sleep alone", dying.)


Children who have not learned that anger, conflict and love can exist simultaneously and that conflict can be resolved will become adults that hold their emotional selves hostage in intimate relationships.  The child needs to be able to express their emotions and develop the ‘I am’ without repression or intensive internal controls.

A child needs to be taught anger is normal but helped in finding healthy expressions of it.  A child if not taught this will repress their angry feelings in order to survive. They will learn that feelings are more powerful than life and can injure those around them, learning that emotional expression is dangerous.

Told, “Anger leads to hate, hate to violence and violence leads to death,” the child would never wish to feel angry again. Afraid that his anger could become hate which would lead to violence and that someone he cared about would die.

Angry about something, a child is punished for it and that anger is said to be a bad emotion. Even though they are angry again later they repress it for a sense of family security and in feeling helpless in resolving the emotions, they hurt themselves, the bad one. This action results from the fear that his anger would be the cause of him dying. The cause of him going to the ‘long sleep’ sooner and bringing sorrow to his family.  (This also gives fear of punishment and abandonment.)

This resulted in anxiety that cannot be relieved as by repressing the emotions no solution to the situation can be found. As displacing that anger onto himself only brings more anxiety of the response of the parents and coming punishment of that action.  This anxiety could very well turn into panic.

These panic attacks are believed to be impending death, looming nearer with the increased heart rate, shortness of breath and increased pulse. Disorientation and his being light headed only adds to this feeling and the fear of having a panic attack may very well bring on the next one.

Repression sets up inner contradictions that are bound to continually threaten everyday life. Repressing a good deal of aggression and hostility may at the same time assume a compliant and passive attitude toward others, which in turn increases the likelihood that he will be exploited by other people. Repression also increases the individual’s feeling of helplessness in that it involves curtailing his own autonomy, an inner retrenchment and shelving of his own power.


- Bits and Pieces taken from, Children of Trauma (Jane Middleston Moz)

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Click on them For Detail!

Finally finished the Political map. I put the Geography map with it so one could compare the two.

AS OF YEAR 1993 Judicium

Camarian Empire in Sq miles: 502,143 (Excluding The Empyrean Isle and Thyl’e Fae)

Camarian Empire’s Population: 6,705,998 (Excluding The Empyrean Isle and Thyl’e Fae)

So roughly the land area with all the text is the size of Portugal, Spain and France which are together roughly 491,110 sq miles.

That does sound small but…

The Known World’s Landmass is 2,863,182 sq miles.

Essentially the known world as it stands is only one continent. So the Camar’ian Empire rules over about 1/4th of the known world.

The Population is low even by Medieval standards because this Empire has been at war near constantly for 2 millenia…

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Geography of the Cam’arian Empire

(Please click it for full view)

This is 1/6th of Camar’a Sere’th, my Novel World.
This is the Geographical map which is without political lines or cities.
This is the portion I have at the moment finished with earth textures.
I have to finish the political and city map before posting it.

I am so happy I am done this and so thoroughly exhausted.

This took me 20+ hrs cloning textures from an Earth Satellite Map and painting by hand with a MOUSE.


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(High Res)

Kingdoms Conquered When and By Whom Chronologically  With Citizenship Status and Year Given:

Kingdom of Gaelia (First Imperial Province. Conquered Year 163 by King Lukyan) (Full Citizenship in year 163)

Kingdom of Itenea (Conquered and becomes an Imperial Province by King Lukyan year 165) (Full Citizenship in year 176)

Kingdom of Kandelmar (Conquered and becomes an Imperial Province by King Lukyan year 194) (Full Citizenship in year 359)

Kingdom of Gheldan (Conquered year 171 by King Lukyan. Gheldan is absorbed into the province of Gaelia in year 174) (Limited Citizenship given when Gheldan is recognized as it’s province in year 855.)

Kingdom of Fefinol Rhan (Conquered and becomes an Imperial Province by King Alva year 471) (Full Citizenship in year 510)

Kingdom of Grimhorn (Conquered and becomes an Imperial Province by King Sheudar year 611) (Full Citizenship in year 961)

Kingdom of Islay (Conquered and becomes an Imperial Province by King Valentiln year 999)(No Citizenship)

Kingdom of Gadhoign (Conquered and becomes an Imperial Province by King Valentiln year 1037)(Limited Citizenship in year 1501)

Kingdom of Esuna (Conquered and becomes an Imperial Province by King Valentiln year 1055)(Full Citizenship in year 1057)

Kingdom of Maighen (Conquered in part by King Valentlin, completely conquered by King Aelfric in year 1182. Absorbed into the province Gadhoign until 1500 when Maighen revolts and declares their independence. The newly independent kingdom is re-conquered by Queen Zosia in 1502.)(Limited Citizenship in year 1908)

Kingdom of Navarre (Conquered by Rhiasart year 1329) (Full Citizenship in year 1357)

Kingdom of Icaria (Conquered by Wilhelmine 1336)(Limited Citizenship in year 1340)

The Cannesh Steepes(Conquered by Queen Zosia year 1462.)(Vassal/Limited Citizenship in year 1462.)

Kingdom of Tabrimon (Joined the Empire year 1472) (Full Citizenship in year 1472)


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Royale was formed in year 22,397 Perditus with the birth of Hevon, Scion of Lord Nanqa, God of Darkness.

Camar'a was formed 268 years later as a direct result.

0 - 22,500 Perditus (Known as the Age of the Lost)

(Alot more Detailed Now!)

The Age of the Lost ended and the Camar'ian Calender begins here:

Year 1 Nox – Marks the birth of Lukyan Quele (Celestial Light) whom was the son of Reinn Anon, The God of Light. Meant to be Reinn’s Scion, the voice of Divinity on the mortal plains, Lukyan was blessed with both Divine blood and powers but he was born from Elven parents, Tarian Vaial and his wife Keriam Vaial.

Year 18 Nox – Lukyan whilst he meditates at night as Elves rest he sits by the side of Lord Reinn in Alasse Cir, paradise and learns of his God and faith. This would continue his entire life.

Year 32 Nox – Lukyan is visited by the Archangel Grapheal as a child and it is said that Grapheal explained Lukyan’s destiny to him that day. Grapheal also left an angel to be his guardian. No one at first could see Lukyan’s Telemnar (Celestial Guardian) but the High Priestess of Sila Vor, Goddess of the Elves remarked on the visage of the celestial being.

Year 45 NoxLukyan had a much elder sister Melisandre of whom he does not speak of. As a child something always seemed off about her to him and his angelic guardian told him to be wary of her. Although Lukyan never confirmed in his lifetime whither or not she was consorting with demons he disavowed her and son Kofi once he took the throne.

Year 72 Nox – Lukyan leaves the Mellim’disiel, the sacred homeland of the Elves to enter an abbey of Reinn Anon. It is here that he learned the common language and some of the Gealian human culture.

Year 98 Nox – Lukyan began military training and showed his innate leadership skills. The years that Lukyan grew into an adult and warred to build his empire were known as the Age of Night.

Year 165 Nox - Lukyan who already had deep respect for the human cultures and Kingdoms of the Gaelians and Itaneans conquered both but attempted to do so with as little carnage as possible so long as the Kingdoms did not overly resist his new rule. Gaelians were allowed to keep their former privileges in society.

Year 168 Nox – Lukyan then took up banner and conquered the Zeltans and the Gheldans beneath Reinn Anon’s faith.

Year 170 Nox – Lukyan had Itanea’s capitol declared the seat of Reinn’s power and began assimilating the peoples that were now part of his empire. Gaelian is declared the Camar’ian common language and only those who spoke it and kept faith in the Lord of Light could be considered for the King’s favor.

Year 176 Nox – The kingdom of Iteanea is given full Camar’ian citizenship allowing them their previous societal privileges.

Year 177 Divinus – The newly created Camar’ian empire would be referred to as the Kingdom of Light which made this The age of the Divine.


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I finished the Provincial map of Camar’a. Could you guys take a look at the information? Any ideas or critiques? I’ve spent years gathering all of this together in a form that makes sense. (Mind my grammar/spelling..)

The cultures and languages are based off real ones, I respect the cultures and languages used and I know I am not the only one to do this…Dragon Age?


Gaelia: The main hold of Camar’a, the capitol city of the Kingdom called Illander can be found here. The Zeltans of Itaena and Gheldan were conquered in ancient times and integrated into Gaelian society. The predominating human culture of Camar’a is Gaelian with the usage of Gaelian Trom (Old English) and Gaelian (English) as the common language throughout the continent. Worship of the Lord of Light and King of the Gods and man (Reinn Anon) dominates this area religiously.

Fefiniol Rhan: The trade province between the inhospitable northern desert lands and Camar’a. The province is named after the ‘half breeds’ that have taken up residence and dominated the economy and merchant trading ventures in the area. Half Elves neither wanted in human society nor in Elven are forced or leave of their own volition to settle here. Fefiniol is victim of constant attack by raiding parties from the north. Religion is not that important to this area and they primarily speak the common tongue.

Grimhorn: This province is a dreary, foggy harsh land where the populace is born knowing they owe duty to the Kingdom to defend it against the monstrosities and magic users that flee into the Styrka Skedja Mountains to Grimhorn’s north. These necromancers and magic users use the mountains as a hide away to continue their diabolical works, unleashing the monsters down into the plains of Grimhorn. If Grey Mount falls the more peaceful provinces to the east will quickly follow. Referred to as the Mountain Lords, these people are hardy and strong, man and woman alike. They pray to the God of Death and Rebirth, Sjel’Nnharma for protection in life and in death. (Norwegian based language.)

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After finishing my Calender and Ages I moved onto something I had been meaning to get done for quite sometime. Camar'a is over 24 thousand years old (For a world that is young, but older then some of my other worlds.) The main novels center around Nathanial Peter Quele Royale who is a prince of the Quele Bloodline. The Quele bloodline was created by the God of light, all those down it's line have been 'God touched' and have the magics of light.

I finally finished the entire family tree, this is 2018 years of family tree, however because the Quele line is over all Elven, they have lived longer and had less children.

In this picture their are 14 generations. I had to link to it as it is rather large. But take a look if you would like. Those that are young deaths are said to be young because Elven adult age is 200-250. The blood began to dilute however with human blood starting in generation 11.


Also - I am kind of out of a simming mood at the moment, sorry everybody! Hopefully it will come back soon, for now I am playing Oblivion and Dragon Age. I have some writing I have been doing and may get that up soon.


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