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JA’s Colette outfits would not work in my game with the boots so I decided to put them onto another mesh. It was easiest to put them on the freetime mesh that essentially had the same shape just different shoes!

Then I decided wait a minute! Let’s Default this!


(Custom and Default Included)

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Tumblr 200 Followers Gift 1/2

Jasmine Darnell Posters on the Base Game Soccer Mesh


Tumblr 200 Followers Gift 2/2

Marilesse Nymph Priestess Sim from my BACC



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Two simple recolors with silver ornament instead of gold.

Two rusted recolors using Yuxi's textures.

Download Stoves
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This is Baldwin, who happened to look so dashing that while taking preview pictures I decided that he had to have his own life in my main-hood. He is as the picture states, a blind but (dashing) gentleman.

His skin will be your default 3rd as that is what he has in my game, if you want him as he is… You will need Lilith’s Solitude blends.
His facepaint was made by me, the whole set will be available soon.

Give Baldwin a Home!
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This was Sim C of the Infect a sim Chellange who I named Debbie.
Nymphy made her facial sculpt so all credit for that goes to her. I just gave her a new look.
She also gave me her permission to upload her.


You will find her in her own thread on GOS!
More pictures are there as well.

The GOS Thread!
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As requested on Plumb Bob Keep, here is Lama's beautiful wood bathtub in ICad's wood colors minus the weathered tones.
There is no dirty state as I am very terrible at making them.


Included is the base game mesh.
To get the Pets friendly mesh go Here

Download ICad Recolors Here
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Replaces Night Life afbodyhipmicrominiskirtep2


Textures from

Tallulah Dress & The Party Never Ends

Edit: I apology for the crappy preview.
Photobucket ate my old one and I did not have a copy saved to my harddrive.


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A skinblend of Reinkaos's Miss Worm, Pyxis's Zombie, Pooklet's Zombie and Lilith's Solitude skins.

I had further help smoothing this skin by Witheredlilies and Wendigo, thank you so much guys!

There are custom flavors or a Default flavor in the download.


And another skin a bit more original for this theme then just a zombie one Wink

Antibusdeath's Stitched skin and Solitude blend.

Everything is in one zip!


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I can't speak for other peoples creations in that thread but I would really like to upload that skin! It's just so flawed still and I can't seem to smooth it enough to make it presentable for download!

I will try to go back to it and continue smoothing it, however I could use help with it :( But I already asked for help with a zombie skin a few months ago which Wendigo and Witheredlilies helped with me with (Luv you guys!) and I feel like a whiner if I ask for help again with another skin...

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Something little for now.

Ephemera’s FMW Fixed Skins Genetized.



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I just moved into Dorms 4 hrs from my parents. Dormmates are alright, we are all gamers, but only one gets having any kind of mental condition and it's because she's training to be a mental health nurse. I'm not used to having people giving me weird looks when I say I have depression and anxiety, almost everyone in my family does... Almost all of my friends had mental conditions in my life, it's more weird for people to not have these issues then to actually have them, to me.

I'm settling in but I'm not at my best on my own right now, the campus is huge and to get between my classes I literally have to do 6 flights of stairs in less then 8 minutes. I'm physically exhausted and trying to keep myself calm so I don't have an anxiety attack or a breakdown, so I'm not doing too much gaming right now. I'm more reading my books on Buddhism and meditating, and chanting to the Bodhisattva Kwan Yin to keep myself level.

My classes are decent, they are seemingly easier then my second year classes at collage actually, which is weirding me the heck out!

I do have some projects I can upload just have to get the energy to do so. If anyone is better at taking clear shots of skintones and is willing to take some preview pics of a zombie skintone I'd like to upload at GOS I would really appreciate it!
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Presenting Yuna.
I was asked to make her, so here the Summoner is ^^.

A Yuna behind the Cut! )

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LemonLion's Extra Recolors  Un-Defaulted 

Geldyh's Alpha Dress now as a Top for Adults and Teens. 

Both included inside.
Teen top does not need a mesh!


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More pictures and Download Link HERE

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Adult/Elder/Teen Warlock Recolors For the Aspirations Theme on GOS!

More Information and Downloads 


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Izumi’s two Diamond makeups as Full Face Paint instead of Blushes and recolored in 15 colors.


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I am back from my computer having gone dead on me.
I have stuff to post I just need to take in game pictures which is always the most tedious part (Actually the most tedious is making swatches, I HATE SWATCHES!)

But I have a wcif/Request:

Trapping just converted Yuxi’s warlock to Elder.

Does anyone know if it is converted for teen and where that conversion is?

If not, would anyone be willing to do a quick job of it? I will put the other textures onto the mesh if that will save you time!

Adult mesh and textures are HERE

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I am doing small intervals with each house right now.

44 Pictures Behind the Cut )

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My SS was Pinktamine again!

She had computer difficulties so she's trying to finish another part after she gets back from vacation. She was un able to take pictures of what she sent so I took some very quick ones as I have company over!

Solitude skin recolored in 18 Trapping's tones, in a little colder hues than the original. They are genetiziced and townified.

(This picture also showcases the skin recolors)

Sleeping Lion's eyes recolored in 40 natural-ish colors. Colors are based in CuriousB's Box set. They are genetiziced and townified.

Trapping's conversion of Io's minimalist dress, now with flats and 8 patterned recolors.

9 sets of recolors of Buggybooz nooks and niches set. Eight of them are Trapping's walls, while the other one is a wall set by Pinktamine. No swatch for these sorry!

Trapping for walls, meshes and color actions.
Io for meshes and textures.
Noodlesims for the original eyes.
CuriousB for the eye colors.
Lilith for the original skins.



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