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Hocumon on GOS requested an alien skin default so here we go!
Furbyq’s Lilith Moonlight in Semtex color as an Alien Default.

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For the theme word ’ Prophecy’

She is of my novel world Cor'terrae.

‘The All-Seeing.’
The Divine of Control, Time and Fate

Information, Pictures and a Download Link


Recolored 8 different makeups, a skin, hair, eyes.


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A small request on GOS.

E-Studio Vampire Default with Enayla Predator Eyes.

Can I you tell I had way too much fun with her makeup and accessories?
I may be uploading her...


Also...Skyrim may have stolen my soul again, apologizes for the radio silence.
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My Tumblr: 700 Followers Gift!
Supernatural Defaults!

These skins are not barbie! (That means they have female bottom bits!)

3 Maxis Match Defaults to match my Skin Set HERE
The non Maxis skin is Astiees’s Light-Brown Werewolf
All these Defaults use Remi’s Edits of Leh’s Eyes.

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What it says on the tin, a simple little request ^_^



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12 colors
(Warm and Cold)

These skins are not barbie! (That means they have female bottom bits!)


Supernatural tones will be done eventually!

They are Genetized and there are Defaults included.


(Note: They are not compressed sorry!)
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Thank you Simtzu for the help of re-importing these skins through simpe into bodyshop!

These are genetized only from lightest to darkest at 0.9, 0.92, 0.95.

3 Dark Solitude Skin Recolors

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A skinblend of Reinkaos's Miss Worm, Pyxis's Zombie, Pooklet's Zombie and Lilith's Solitude skins.

I had further help smoothing this skin by Witheredlilies and Wendigo, thank you so much guys!

There are custom flavors or a Default flavor in the download.


And another skin a bit more original for this theme then just a zombie one Wink

Antibusdeath's Stitched skin and Solitude blend.

Everything is in one zip!


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Something little for now.

Ephemera’s FMW Fixed Skins Genetized.



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I've always loved the color blue so here we have blue Aliens ^_^


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My SS was Pinktamine again!

She had computer difficulties so she's trying to finish another part after she gets back from vacation. She was un able to take pictures of what she sent so I took some very quick ones as I have company over!

Solitude skin recolored in 18 Trapping's tones, in a little colder hues than the original. They are genetiziced and townified.

(This picture also showcases the skin recolors)

Sleeping Lion's eyes recolored in 40 natural-ish colors. Colors are based in CuriousB's Box set. They are genetiziced and townified.

Trapping's conversion of Io's minimalist dress, now with flats and 8 patterned recolors.

9 sets of recolors of Buggybooz nooks and niches set. Eight of them are Trapping's walls, while the other one is a wall set by Pinktamine. No swatch for these sorry!

Trapping for walls, meshes and color actions.
Io for meshes and textures.
Noodlesims for the original eyes.
CuriousB for the eye colors.
Lilith for the original skins.

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A request all finished!

Body Preview

Note: That the sim was given the skin and not made alien, that is why the eyes are 'normal'.


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A simple grey recolor of Lilith’s Solitude skins for a Mannequin Default shown in the Mannequin’s natural habitat.

A Genie default with Lilith’s Solitude skins in CuriousB’s Desat Purple and Noodlesims’ Sleeping Lion Eyes in a darker purple color.

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Now I have never really recolored skins before like this. But here we have 6 Alien skins.

Robin’s Egg and Gypsy Rose (CuriousB’s colors) are matte colors and are offered as individual Alien defaults or custom.


Coastal, Slate and Tealish Blue are Aelia’s colors, and Magenta is an Anna color.


They are offered in custom or default flavor, as well as being offered in a Multi Pollination Technician set with 4 custom Noodlesim’s Lioning Sleeping Alien Eye recolors. These eyes are also offered for custom use as well!

The four sims used in the multi pollination technician set are; Slyndsley’s Finnick, Trapping’s Sherif Latif, Katu’s Deliciousness and Huning’s Rua.

Packaged up are all the Alien skins as Default in one folder, Choose ONE! The skins and Eyes as Custom genetics in a folder, pick and choose what you would like. Also included are the original PSD’s as I was asked to put those up for creators when I previewed these skins over a month ago.

Download Here

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Just a plain S1 to S4 Default of Lilith's Solitude Skins.

Download Here

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S1 - Done

S2 - Done

S3 - Done

S4 - Done

Alien skins - 4 Done

Multi Alien Technician set -Haven't Started Yet.

Vampire - Done

Zombie - Done

Mannequin - Done

Genie - Done

Plantsim - W.I.P

Werewolf - Haven't started yet.
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Lilith's Solitude skins Genetised!

Other examples of face and body in the original thread HERE
All Credits to Lilith, Pictures and Blends, I just Genetised.



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