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Sorry for it being so long sense I last updated!

These are the last few days before we finally had a King! 

If you need or want to get up to date here are quick links:
Intro & Days 1-3|Days 4-7|Days 8-11|Days 12-18

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I am doing small intervals with the three houses and families until one of the men gets to the top of the Political career ladder.

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Who ever said Zombies can't be elegant?
Elegant even as they're eating peoples brains!
After all it's much easier to gain peoples trust if your looking and acting as the romance sim you are.

Then you just lure them off with promises of exciting extracurricular activities and their brainless body is found the next day in the river...
I wonder how that brainless corpse could have ever ended up there....
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Sorry about not updating for a while, school just started!
Until one of the men gets to the top of the Political career ladder, I am doing small intervals with each house right now.
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I am doing small intervals with each house right now.

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The first inhabitants and buildings in the ancient land of Meadow Haven.

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Even more Skyrim Pretties!
I will start making these paintings for the sims now!

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More Skyrim Pretties!
After another batch of pictures I will get to work on making these paintings for the sims!

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Landscape Porn

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University Shenanigans!

Appearances of Sims By:

[ profile] kathsy , [ profile] trappingit

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I managed to while packing get an update ready, it's been months sense the last one as I was figuring out why my neighborhood Kenton was glitching so bad!

Appearances of sims by:

[info]alfredaskew , [info]alleliua , [info]racetrackd , [info]cheatsenabled ,

[personal profile] xbeccyx, [info]sounseelie, [info]xbeccyx [personal profile] xbeccyx

Recap: Adela is heir, she has cheatsenabled's Dominik as her lover and she had a son Saeed with him. I moved them to the new neighbourhood of Kenton Port, and Adela was pregnant again!

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I played more and decided to see if it was possible to make Nathy in Sims Medieval and I was quite amazed at the results!
So here is King Nathanial as an Adult :D
No CC needed!

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So gave Sims Medieval a go. Tutorial was aggravating but hopefully now that I am done it things will get better.

I made Nilec as my Queen, and am quite impressed with the look of the game. If this is what Sims 3 looked like I would be able to switch over.

So Nilec from Sims Medieval (No CC) above and Nilec from Sims2 (CC) below.

Hopefully more pics will come with time :D

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The family is glitching already so I am a little worried, but we shall march on anyways!

Appearances of sims by:

[info]alfredaskew , [info]alleliua , [info]racetrackd , [info]cheatsenabled , [info]charterzard 

[info]stakeit_uk , [info]sneebsey
 , [info]kkkayleighh , [info]sounseelie 
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I finally simmified Damion Ante at last and redid Nathy! *Flails*

And recolored one of Yuxi's beautiful Advent gifts :D

Sexy man :P

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Finally have enough pictures to show my budding neighborhood.

Kenton Port

Neighborhood Pics and Sim Make Overs Inside! )

chartezard, xbeccyx, stakeit_uk, alfredaskew, dorkasaur_sims
kkkayleighh, pennysims, alleliua

For the Sims!

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A slight recap for you, Adela is a teenager, and were still getting Kiran abducted by aliens so we have 3 kids and a fourth one the way! :O

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Right I apologize for how late this is. My wireless has been dieing on me the entire last month, so pics were ready but I could not upload them!

I know I am officially completely past my 10 weeks, but I am still going to finish this disqualified from the challenge or not. It's now just a matter of personal accomplishment.

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