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 Inevitable Lastingness - Part Two
Rating: This Chapter is PG, Later parts will be Rated Higher.
Content Notes:

The life of Naerdiel, who would later become Nilec, the adopted daughter of the Camar'ian King. She who was the woman who seized the Dirian throne through her powers of prophecy, and who became ruthless enough to cause the man that loved her to break and fall to insanity. Shaped forever by her past, and twisted by the world she had to save, at one time, she was but a child. It's time that her story gets told.

Elearn of Camar'a are adult around 200 to 250 years of age. Adolescence starts at 130 to 150. Anything before then is considered a child, if that Ellearn child has had a normal upbringing among their own kind.

Part One

Warnings: Disturbing imagery.
Main Character/s: Naerdiel (Nilec)
Plot: Naerdiel's visions begin.


Haeeren naw Spiritus 

(5:9 3250)

Spinning, and twirling, the Ellearn child had been dancing that day. Dancing in the old places, where the trees talked, chattering, and singing their beautiful songs. She had been enveloped in their sound, their voices in her ears.

‘It’ had stolen her breath away, and she had fallen into the cushioning grass, and leaves of the forest floor. Her eyes rolled back, her body beginning to convulse, fingers twitching, grasping with futility at the plant-life around her. The Ancient ones in unison had spoken of her anguish, confused and worried, their branches reaching toward her. 


When next the child woke, it was to her mother's stricken face, tear streaks down both of her parents cheeks. Her mother grasped her to her breast, and her fathers fingers ran through her hair. But Naerdial did not understand, she hurt, and felt as though she had run for ages now.

What had happened? 

Those who knew all in the eyes of their children, did not even know.


Neivorlyng Dwy ar bymtheg Spiritus 

(9:17 3253)

‘It’ would happen with far more rapid frequency now, and Naerdial’s parents had noted that her mind would be stolen away during both quiet moments, and frantic ones. She was not allowed to leave the house unaccompanied any-longer. No more climbing of the trees, as she could fall if one of the fits seized her. No rough housing either. So the young girl would read instead, and truthfully, she did not mind reading, yet she missed the sun, and the feel of the tree-bark under her fingertips.

Mother and Father were always busy, and she was an only child like most Ellearn. At last Naerdial slipped away on her own, hoping that she could dance beneath the canopy without suffering one of the fits. But ‘It’ happened again, her body betraying her. She fell into the roots of one of the Ancestor trees, taken away from the here and now. Visions grappled with her mind of darkened skies, purple clouds drenching a weather beaten path. Glass laid there, shattered, on this steep hill-side, where a figure pushed it's self up, feet torn, and bleeding. Only as the child saw this scene did another figure form in the stranger’s place, mirroring one, then another, two beings within one body.

But Naerdial cried out, thrashing, wishing away these terrible images that horrified her young mind, and at last there was a calming embrace. 

"Let yourself go..." the words were not really spoken, they weren't actually heard by her ears, but by her Thi'es, her soul. Unable to do anything more to will away the terror, Naerdial let go, falling through the Abyss so endless. Yet flowing trails of light and energy speed past her, with sparks of other souls swimming around her too, and even though she did not understand where she was now, there was an overwhelming sense of peace.

Still too young to comprehend that the very arms that embraced her were of life, of creation, and the very essence of the Heart World, the prophetess cried. But at the world’s center, The Dreamer swirled, keeping the world spinning. This ancient being wished only to teach Naerdial to dance once more, here, outside the body that the girl would come to hate so furiously.

In the core they spun together, her enveloped within the world’s serenity.

In time the child grew tired, and she was instructed tenderly, "Shh now... Sleep..." This escape would feel like only a moment for the girl who would become known as Nilec in her later years. These visions would return, and they would define her destiny, as nearly every decision she would come to make would be influenced by them alone. 

This refuge, detached from fate and time would not be forgotten. Naerdial as she realized where her soul had fled that one afternoon, gained an internal sanctuary to the external agony.

Spinning forever.
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Title: I Hate you for your Love, and I Love you for your Hate.
Prompt: I despised him for his kindness.
Rating: (PG-13)
Content Notes/Warnings: Twisted relationship dynamics.
This was a look into Nilec's psyche in-regards to her hatred of the man that loves her so gently and intensely.
I wanted to write out and rationalize why she despises James for his kind words and noble qualities.

Main Character/s: Nilec, Quele, James Red Rose Quele Cross
Plot: Love and Hate are opposite sides of the same coin.
Location: The Northern Deserts.


A tool was not supposed to have human qualities; the rock hard bones she could feel beneath her fingertips were only a part of the monster she was meant to use. She could not allow the far off and forgotten softness enter a frozen heart. Watching him interact with a villager’s child, the smile that lit up his eyes brought further light to his handsome and noble qualities. But then she remembered herself and shook the sentiment aside, he was meant to be her instrument and she could not let her emotion sway her from using him.

Nilec had to remember that his life meant just as little as her own. The Gods had not factored in love or emotion, and she felt contempt for the vampire that made her feel.

Nilec despised James for his love, for his kindness, and his care. Having his hate would have made what she had to do that much easier, in tugging the leash she had crafted for him out of seductive hopes and dreams. But the man who was supposed to be a monster was far too emotive, breaking into pieces in front of her eyes. What could she, the already broken, do? It was easier to despise and destroy then to love what would be twisted by her hands so very easily.

I hated you for never fighting back; I hated you for all the kind words you ever said. I hated that you loved me even after all I have done…

The young woman detested so that her heart was further hardened. She caught herself when she would tarry upon what of him she wanted, and what it was of her, that he needed. She corroded and tainted everything she touched; growing from the fearful and shy adolescent into the captivating witch that he hungered for. Nilec made James her enemy as by race he was born to be, and would not allow herself to feel the sorrow for what she had done to him.

The vampire would become the implement she required to save the world, just two lost souls screaming at the Gods until their dying day.

James was only a means to an ends, just like the child that was growing inside her womb. Nilec owed the Gods her life and had been compelled to obey the Divine in everything and in this, there would be no difference. If there was love beneath it all, that emotion was just as corrupted as the rest.

I love you for learning to lie to me; I love you for allowing me to drive you insane. I love that you started to hate me just as I hated you…

I hate you, I hate you, I love you, I hate you…

For everything we’ve ever done and will likely ever do.

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Title: Beaches of Innocence
Prompt: 'Do you love ___?'
Rating: (PG-13)
Content Notes/Warnings:

Based Around this Song - In this Moment ~ Scarlet

Warnings: None

Main Character/s: Nilec, Quele, Nathanael Quele
Plot:  Sometimes love is not that simple.
Location: The Coast of Navarre, Camarian Empire.


"Do you love him?" the ten year old tilts his head, allowing the sand to fall through his fingertips. Nathanael’s sister stills at the simple question, her bone thin digits dragging over the driftwood. It had been a quiet day of discovery, her brother’s agoraphobia conquered so as to allow them to explore the coast.

Time drags as Nilec’s psyche is assaulted with what the question asks. Swamped by the joyful laughter of the vampire she professed to being engaged, but love was never written into this script. Nathanael’s hand reaches out toward the rumpled form, but before sickly hands can brush the surface of sweater draped skin, the answer is finally said.

"….It is more complicated then that, little brother," Nilec’s pine greens slip from ocean expanse to face the youthful boy with a pulled, tired smile. "I know he wishes I could." Love him.

But before the next question,'Why can you not love him?' is spoken by the child, Nilec webs their fingers between them.

"This is not a time for sadness, little brother. There will be enough of that in days to come. Go on now, say hello to the sea."

The ten year old’s brows are furrowed, un-natural ice concerned but he nods unfurling at last seeming to realize he would get nothing more from Nilec. There were words on the tip of her tongue, apologizes for her vague answers, for the lies that she spun like a web, and so much inward hatred. The Seer just smiles that broken slip of lips that hides the malice and discontent, lying to everyone, even herself.

Nilec now that she had told Nathanael of his future, is a boy, who even so young, knows the future would strip him of everything. It would drive the Prince insane and push him toward that cliff that the Gods had planned for him. Nilec was just one of many who had to give him a forward shove.

"I do not love him, not because I hate him," Nilec whispers as Nathanael giggles, splashing in the aqua waves. "I do not love James because of what I must and I will do to him, for the actions they demand of me against him." It was not demanded by the Gods that Nilec Quele ever feel love, it was demanded, however, to control, to shape, to push and to bleed.

What were the uses of apologizes and hate when nothing would ever change? There was a terrible, simple acceptance in knowing your life was destined by fate.

I, I am the misery you crave
And you, you are my faithful enemy
This hunger seems to feed on me
A sacred sin, a dying breed
And we risk everything

They can never know just what we’ve done
They can never know just what we’ve done
They will never know all the blood we’ve shed
The scarlet cross we bear until the bitter end
And they, they can never know just what we’ve done

Nilec refused to love what she had been ordered to destroy.

But the world would live on, saved, so what was the bleeding of two simple souls to the fate of a world?

Nothing at all.

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Rating: (M)
Warnings: Mentions of Abuse,Manipulations, Insanity.
Content Notes: Rene's inner voices can be absolutely horrible sometimes.


You need to get away from this place, you know this isn’t right…

“I cannot just abandon her!”

She has no need for you, she had no need for James either. Why did Nilec keep him, not just kill him at the start? You need her, your mother, but she has no need for you. She never has, you play the same game, dance the same dance with her that she did with him..

Claw length fingernails dug into his scalp as Rene battled with the voices of the abyss in a palace hall where no one else tread.

Your daughter needs you, Siliv needs you to be whole and unbroken, how can you be a better man then James when you allow yourself to be manipulated and strung about whichever way your mother pleases?Just like she did to him!

Why did the voices always sound like Mallie when they spoke of his mother? Joscelin when they mentioned the children? Was it to cause his ire to rise? Mallie had left! She had run away leaving him to this hell alone! Rene was caring for Siliv and Kcri, he protected them, fathered them as best as he could. Better then Joscelin who seemed to not even try!

“I never was whole,” the vampire mumbled bitterly to no one but the shady figures of the Twisted Realm that laughed at his pain.

Why do you remain Nilec’s hound? Play the game, take the blame and tell yourself it is for everyone but yourself. You have never been that selfless, that compassionate. Your a murderer! Why do you stay where you know you will eventually lose your mind? You will break into a thousand crystal pieces, following the path of destruction your father wrought beneath your mother’s hands.

A silent scream off endless white walls, agonized. Nails gauged tracks through white hair pulled in clumps as blood began to slide down the bridge of Rene’s nose. Silence followed and the question was raised again by the whispering chorus.

Why do you not take your daughter and leave if you are stronger then I? If you are not me, then leave, just simply walk away…

A strangled laugh answered as limbs began to shake. It had been a while sense the splintered glass and backbiting abuse had taken on that voice. James answered for him.

You have no where to go, my son…

Scarlet eyes flashed open to stare at the marble floor speckled with blood as his vision swam red.

“I…I go.”

It appeared that the shouts and whispers, bites and sound began to quiet as the only truth he knew breathed air.

Once there was a mother, a father and a son.
A tormented boy whose mind they were to destroy.
They meant to create within him a perfect mirror.
No dreams could heal all that shattered glass.
All his resistance, it seemed, only surrendered more screams.
The monster was caught inside a web the mother and father had spun.
But after so long had grafted to his own lies.
Rene had no where to run.

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“I did what I had to in this life.”
- Nilec Quele

(An amazing perfect! commission down to her prideful baring and haunted eyes, comparing the sim version and the new painting.) Done by - Down the Stairs
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There are days when I’m okay

And for a moment
For a moment I find hope
But there are days when I’m not okay
And I need your help
So I’m letting go

All the years of fearing men eying me, giving me a second glance, the wish to remain a girl forever and never become a woman.. If I’m ugly, if I’m a little girl they wont want me… Not like that..  The negative thoughts hit their pinnacle and then my fear and self hatred crashed down on me and buried me. That’s the moment I knew I would do anything to never feel those eyes on me again. That’s the moment I decided to do whatever it takes to not be that girl those men had thought beautiful. That’s the moment I became an anorexic.

I need you to know
I’m not through the night
Some days I’m still fighting to walk towards the light
I need you to know
That we’ll be okay
Together we can make it through another day

I was killing myself, but it was a slow death, a painful death. I was so sick of feeling hunger, and when those pains passed it became easier to go without. No one knew, I wore frumpy clothing so the men would have no want to stare at me. I would always like a mantra tell myself that I was a wraith, a ghost that no one could see, no one could touch. Your ugly, no one would want you...You become so good at lying, you begin with yourself and then when you believe the lies it is easier to have others believe them too…

- Nilec Quele (Nathanael's sister.)

(Song lyrics Courage by Superchick)

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Emile/James’s Theme Song to Nilec.

Gives me the shivers. Poor Emile.

So Cold

It's too much, not enough, what you need I don't get
I don't know why you never say, you never do
Is this my luck again? Silent words never shed
All I get is you turning away

You turn so cold, it's never enough, it's always too much
For what you never say, what you never go
And say you're so cold, it's never enough, it's always too much
For what you never say, never do, never say

Is it me that you see changing what you think you need?
All I can say is I'll always trade me for you
Is it my heart I break, hard to give what you won't take?
If you did would you throw it away?

And turn so cold , it's never enough, it's always too much
For what you never say, what you never go
And say you're so cold, it's never enough, it's always too much
For what you never say, never do, never say

Our time is slipping away, slipping away

Isn't my word enough? What I say is what you get
And all I get is you turning away

You turn so cold, it's never enough, it's always too much
For what you never say, what you never know
And say you're so cold, it's never enough, it's always too much
For what you never say, never do, never say

Our time is slipping away, slipping away

And all I get is you turning away

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Title: Inevitable Lastingness - Part One
Rating: This Chapter is G, Later parts will be Rated Higher.
Content Notes:

The life of Naerdiel, who would later become Nilec, the adopted daughter of the Camar'ian King. She who was the woman who seized the Dirian throne through her powers of prophecy, and who became ruthless enough to cause the man that loved her to break and fall to insanity. Shaped forever by her past, and twisted by the world she had to save, at one time, she was but a child. It's time that her story gets told.

Elearn of Camar'a are adult around 200 to 250 years of age. Adolescence starts at 130 to 150. Anything before then is considered a child, if that Ellearn child has had a normal upbringing among their own kind.

Warnings: None
Main Character/s: Naerdiel (Nilec)
Plot: Naerdiel's first impacting memory.


Cynteya Un ar hugain Spiritus

(1:21 3250)

Scrambling up an old tree, apologies half coming through teeth as the girl in her velvet dress managed to grab hand holds in the knotted trunk. Up into the branches she watched the boys run by looking for her. The ancient tree moved its upper branches, leaves cascading over her and she laughed as the tree concealed her from sight. The little one was only 35, and the boys were older, angry at her for messing up their game. She felt at the pocket inside her velvet dress at the little metal figures of soldiers and horses she had stolen to play with. Her family did not have money for metal things, so she had to take them. But her parents would not be happy that her velvet dress had a tear in it, as it was the most expensive clothes she had. Naerdiel hugged the tree in thanks for hiding her, and brought out the metal figures to play war with.

More Inside! )
Eventually the boys caught her; she could not stay hidden in the branches of trees forever. They came upon her kneeling by a tree, using the knots as platforms for the little metal archers, and men on horses were scattered on the ground.There were three separate painted metal armies, already some had fallen over, apparently dead. She was speaking in hushed tones, but in different voices as the largest of the metal figures of each color made out their tactics. The boys stopped and watched her, a single metal figure of no color falling in, and behind the yellow figures. Naerdiel looked up when a step was taken toward her, and she stood in a hurry knocking over some of the brown painted figures as her skirts swirled, and eyes widened. She had never really had friends; her family did not live near the capitol within the Mellimel’disiel. Her father was a ranger, a guard for the forest from the humans beyond. Her mother knit, and made clothes to sell in market. Both were young, still in that first stage of marital bliss with their only child.

The eldest boy stepped forward looking from her to the elaborate game she had set up to play. He looked back to the other boy who shrugged, and he gestured to the few that had fallen when she had spun to her feet. She looked back, and down to them before looking back to the boys, not understanding why they were not mad at her.
“Can we play with you?” one of them asked.

Naerdiel’s green eyes blinked at them, but she nodded with a wide smile, and she dropped back down onto her knees. Picking up the figures that had fallen, standing them back where they should have been. “This army thinks that it can attack when there is little light and ambush this one,” pointing from the yellow figures to the brown. “But they don’t know that this army is approaching too!”

Pointing to the green painted figures, and the younger boy’s head tilted, “What will they do?”

Naerdiel shifted looking between the three painted metal armies, and to the two boys who she hoped could become her friends. “They will wait. When the yellow are attacking the brown, the green will strike and take out both sides.”

There was surprised silence for a moment from both, but the older boy nodded, pointing up to the archers, “They should do cover fire when the yellow, and brown are fighting, make it harder to focus.”

The younger boy took up position by the brown figures, whilst the older boy without being told to do so, took up position by the yellow ones. Naerdiel smiled and she stayed where she was, in perfect position to use the green metal figures.

“The yellow army thinks they can attack with little light,” the older boy began to move his figures across the field sneaking up on the yellow figures.

The three moved their play pieces into position, advancing them, watching as the battle began, and figures started being knocked over. They laughed as their arms, and elbows bumped into each other as they reached to do things with the toys. They all gave their orders to their troops, and laughed more at the different voices made by each person for the horse riders, archers, and warriors.

As the last of the metal figures keeled over, Naerdiel clapped her hands giggling, “Now let’s switch!”
“I’ll be yellow this time, and then you can be green,” Naerdiel continued, and the eldest nodded with a grin, and they switched positions.

Between switching armies, and coming up with new strategies they played for many hours, putting their minds together to find new ways of defeating the other color groups of metal soldiers. But as the sun began to set through the trees, and shadows lengthened, Naerdiel nearly squeaked, and surged to her feet. She looked a little torn, eyes off toward home, and then back to the boys.

“I have to get home, but can we play again soon? I want to play war with you more!”

The Eldest boy nodded, standing to his feet, “I’m Thaldon, and this is my brother Locien. We will meet you here again tomorrow! But what is your name?”

Neardiel wiggled a little with glee, and then she stepped away, “I’m Neardiel.... I’ll meet you here tomorrow.”

“Neardiel?” The eldest boy’s brows furrowed and he made a bit of a face. That name...
“We will meet you tomorrow then.”
Thaldon grasped his younger brother’s hand, helping Locien up, and they began to pick up the figures as the girl ran, skipping over roots, and around trees back toward her home.

The younger sibling, Locien, had scrunched his brow, blonde bangs falling over,“Doesn’t her name mean...?”

Thaldon licked his lips, and put metal figures into his pockets, green eyes looking to his brother’s blue, “Lady of Sorrows.”

“Why would she be given a name like that? That’s not very nice.”

“I don’t know Locien, maybe because of what her parents saw of her destiny?”

There was only silence as they finished picking up the pieces, thinking about their own names, and their meanings from the glimpse their parents had been given into their webs of fate at birth. They began their walk home...

Why would anyone call their daughter, Lady of Sorrows?

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So gave Sims Medieval a go. Tutorial was aggravating but hopefully now that I am done it things will get better.

I made Nilec as my Queen, and am quite impressed with the look of the game. If this is what Sims 3 looked like I would be able to switch over.

So Nilec from Sims Medieval (No CC) above and Nilec from Sims2 (CC) below.

Hopefully more pics will come with time :D

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Title: Joscelin`s Story
Rating: (PG-13)
Content Notes/Warnings: This is long! The sayings are either Buddhist, Confucius or made by me, they are a show of Blade Dancing Philosophy.

Joscelin Quele is in the novels largely referenced as Nathanial`s son and the next heir to the throne, however he is far more complicated then that. He has lived two lives, one of war where he was a General on the battlefield unable to ever come to his loved ones, and one where he grew up with scars of not only his last life but the past of Nathanial his mother. It shaped him into the man he is in the novels, and I have always wanted to map out his entire life.

Mentions of Violence/Death

Main Character/s: Joscelin Quele, Wil'helm, Nathanial Peter Quele Royale, and many others.
Plot: Two lifetimes written out in 5,145 words.
Location: illander Castle, Dire Cry, The Border Forest.

Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.

Joscelin had lived in the Mellimel’disiel for all of his short years; he had been born upon the wooden table in the Esittä Clar'gyse. The Sacred place where the elves had been once long ago shaped from the very trees of the forest and given life and shared their first meal together. Joscelin had not been close to his parents of flesh, Tarja and Adair. The throne kept them away, and so the boy was raised by the Elder trees. Joscelin had danced for those trees, learned to sing from the Sacred Elder trees that moved; casting radiance of purple and blue from their leaves upon the elf child in their midst. The beating of the Elder trees hearts sang in the boy’s blood and he had joy.

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them-that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward unimpeded, like a river to the sea.

It began with a goodbye. Whispered words of encouragement, farewell and love, and pushed away toward a place that made him shy away. He was 20 when his parents left him at the Blade Dancing Academy. There was too much death in the place, sorrow and suffering, which he could not understand. The trees here did not sing, they did not speak, and their hearts could not beat. Joscelin had been torn from a world where spirits and trees sang, and breathed with life to a place of death. He recoiled the first time his fingertips touched the wood of the Academy, for the trees that made this place had cried! They had wailed; they had been filled with agony! This was not right, not right at all. His skin crawled and he cried as the older men persuaded him to come inside. Why were the trees hurting so much? Why did they not speak? Not sing? Joscelin knew nothing of death, and of sorrow, but he would learn.

More Behind the Cut )
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Title: Prophetic Roads
Prompt: Reunion
Rating: (R?)
Content Notes/Warnings: 5 years sense Nathanial had seen his sister, something’s have changed. ~Blah.~ is telepathy.
Warnings: Mentions of Violence, Mentions of Under Age Love, Mentions of Cannibalism. Mentions of past Child Abuse, Mentions of past Torture.

Main Character/s:
Nathanial Peter Quele Royale, Nilec Quele, Elhannan ap’Eibhlhin, Mentions of James Red Rose Quele Cross.
Plot: 5 years sense Nathanial had seen his sister, something’s have changed.
Location: The Palace of Dire Cry City in the Kingdom of Dire Cry.

Dire Cry had always been a wasteland of rock and sand as far back as Nathanial had read of it. The land had been where Cama’ra exiled their treasonous, murderers and rapists in a wish to not execute. A harsh land, a terrible people, and the mountains had been sealed long ago by the Gods to separate the Kingdoms. But over five hundred years ago the mountain pass had re-opened; somehow the people had managed to stake out a living upon nothing and were harsher now than they ever were before.

Wars had raged over water, tribes killing each other for the oasis’s that were so sacred in a land that hardly ever rained. Peace had been brokered many times but to no avail, war continued, and the tribes had finally been united under the strongest. The strongest ruled, as soon as the last King was weak another would kill him and take his place. It was near anarchy, rarely lasted longer than five years but James had managed to hold on with an iron fist for that long now. No human was stronger than a vampire and with his Druidic wife watching his body as he slept the daylight hours away they were unstoppable. Elf and Vampire married and ruling over humans, it was unthinkable but Nilec had succeeded as she had told him she would when he was small.

The land was dying though; Nathanial could feel it beneath his leather booted feet as he walked through the Capitol. The land was wasting, the people were desperate, Elhannan was sucking in breath through his teeth, his red feathered wings ruffling as he steered his eyes away from alleyways.

Story Inside! )
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This was a look into James' mind when Nilec and he were taking over Dire Cry, a look into a man who was breaking inside because of his love for a woman who hated him and only wanted to make him King for the sake of Destiny.

James Red Rose Quele Cross loved her with all his undead heart, but she scorned him so, used him, and he could not understand why...

Every tale has two sides, this is James's.

Warnings: Violence.


Why is it her approval matters to me? Means so damn much to me?

An odd thing to be questioning as one rips into and apart brigands with bare hands and claws, but James’s was random at best these days and the lack of water had perhaps fried some of his thought process for good.

She thinks I can rule this land? A country of backward people who kill each other for power, kill each other for the sacred blood that runs through their veins because that is the only water they can find? Nilec my wife you are insane, absolutely crazy. Me? A vampire ruling a desert, can you not see a problem with that?!

A primal growl and James shook himself standing over the body of five men who he had downed, blazing red eyes staring out toward the ruins ahead of him. More would come, flexing his hands, long curved claws scratching at each other as he watched the men in the ruins mount their horses.

Come to me...

Story Inside )

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"It matters not what others see, only what we perceive of ourselves."
A Life Story, Pictures and A Sim Inside. )


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