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A slight recap for you, Adela is a teenager, and were still getting Kiran abducted by aliens so we have 3 kids and a fourth one the way! :O

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Right I apologize for how late this is. My wireless has been dieing on me the entire last month, so pics were ready but I could not upload them!

I know I am officially completely past my 10 weeks, but I am still going to finish this disqualified from the challenge or not. It's now just a matter of personal accomplishment.

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I know I have not updated in two weeks which means I am out of the running on Pixel Trades but I am bound and determined to try to finish this thing as I have never made it to Gen 5 before.

So even if I am out, I am still going to keep going and finish this thing!

(Pixel Nudity inside)

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This update was a bit rushed and posted when I was very sleepy...
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This Update is a very fast paced one.

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My Longest Update Yet!
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So I decided that I would try this challenge as I only have 6 weeks before school starts up and I am unable to sim much at all. So this challenge has to be finished in 6 weeks or less!



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