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This was a nitpick which I quickly remedied.
The stockings just looked blocky.


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I originally made recolors of this crop top made by Io, separated, for a default. 
However, the default did not end up working out so these have sat on my hard drive for years
About time I just put them up anyway!

White, four brighter colors and a dark apple green. 


Aside: Thank you Avelexi for the beautiful previews!

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Things I made for my GOS CiJ in 2014!


Period games always need more undies and sleepwear, and I tend to find that people make clothes for the nobility more then the common folk. So here is some simple shifts in natural and dyed colors for adult women. 

Recolors of the Kitchen and Bath period stove in shastakiss' metals.
A timber framing seamless wall set in 3 parts.

They can be mix and matched between the pieces.

Lastly, the temple wood floor from Whiterun, Skyrim.

These were done in a few select shades.
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 A default of the OFB aftopbomberjacket with some sweater/jackets I have always loved, and a motor jacket. 

 I had not found a default for afbottomcasualpreppy that I liked either, so I defaulted them with a skirt I loved, and then I will use another default for something else that uses these skirts already.

I had also not found a default I liked ofafbottomshortskirtboots, so I found a skirt I liked by Yuichen and did up a default.


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Re-Upload of a Default made for me by Imalia

Eltanin halter top mesh over the cfcamisole

Download HERE

trynitrotoluenka default of cfbodycowgirlskirt

Re-uploaded HERE

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I had not found a default I liked of Teenstyle Stuff's tfbodyyoga, so I decided to find some textures for the default mesh instead.

A default of the Teenstyle Stuff's tfbodydrawstringpjs with texture replacements, same as above..


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Second Contribution

Anna's Argyle Hoodie Outfits that replace the Seasons cfbodydressspring.


Nilou's Crayon: re-textures of Fakepeeps mesh replace the Family Funstuff cfbottomruffleskirt.


Fakepeep's Peasant Blouses and Fakepeep's Peasant Blouses - Floral Recolours replace the Basegame cftophalter.


I want to do a shout out to Imalia for Defaulting a Eltanin halter top mesh over the cfcamisole,
 that I had been trying to finish for this month's theme but could not get done.

She did it for me, however the page with her download is gone.
So I re-uploaded it HERE

Kayleigh's dress age converted by Trapping Girly Girl With Docs replace the Basegame cfbodyfairy.

Two color choices, Choose ONE!

Texture only replacement of  Fakepeep's Smocked Dresses over BaseGame pfbodydress.


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Eltanin's Cutsie Adult Dress Recolors on her Spring it On Child version.

6 Recolors by me on the same mesh.
All Recolors included in the Zip.


Mixture of Eltanin's dresses that replace the Family Funstuff cfbodydressshortaline.


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I was so busy with Christmas in July I only had three offerings for the GOS Historic Theme.
Please also don't mind my quick last minute previews!

Part 1

These are 12 recolours of  Nabila's re texture of Chartezard's dress with a darkened top and usage of AlfredAskew's colour palette plus a few extra colours.


Part 2

10 Recolours of Javiera's Maggot texture toddler pajamas in Alfred Askew's palette and a few extra colours.


Part 3

Javiera's Miraculous Onion Toddler Dress in 4 colours.


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Another base game outfit retexture recolor and Default!

Celebrations SP cfbodydressflowergirl retexture by Skellington7 recolored in two different styles by me.
I included the two full sets of recolors and Defaults of the separate sets as well!



Remember choose only ONE Default!

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Ekevdb's recolor of the Freetime cfbodydressbelt.



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I have had these done for awhile I just never got previews made...
But for the boys theme I decided why not! 

Textures By:
Aikea Guinea

They use the bootcut aikea-guinea mesh for adults and teens.
Children and Elders use Ja-Viera's age conversion.
Meshes are NOT included.



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