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Am I the only one that thinks happy endings are over-rated sometimes? Even in fantasy where the dead can be brought back, and lovers re-united, only so many people should come back from the dead before you start saying, 'Okay then why don't we just bring back everybody already?!'

And not every divorced couple can get back together, actually....not many can at all usually. There is a good reason one would think for divorce and it's not just going to be wished away by time or distance. Especially if those people found other people to love, the most I say I would hope for is that they wish good will toward each other in their new endeavors.

Not everyone has to end up with a romantic interest to be happy in their life. Ever heard of asexuals? Especially abused individuals, trust is not easy to begin with and then you have those that really can't trust and sometimes it's not a good idea for them to be in a relationship. That relationship being with another broken, damaged individual does not make this automatically better by the way >.> I say it would be harder, two damaged people trusting each other? O.o

Not all of my characters have happy endings, some of them do, but many do not, they do not all end in tragedy but they end in a good dose of reality. And I'm sorry if reality in your fantasy is not what you want but I love my world because it feels real to me, tangible as though I could walk out my door and into it. And that is because there is so much to lose, and everything to gain and in the end your misfortune or luck may be destiny or chance just like the real world.

I'm going to break this even though I'm stating it now, no more people coming back to life, no more all encompassing, unconditional love because even in a world where Gods walk the shores, death is still death and some die before their time. How would life be precious otherwise? And unconditional terrifying. My muse by the name of this account has never had unconditional love ever, and the very idea scares him more then anything else because it's something he can not understand, something he can not comprehend. Love has always been conditional and it will always be conditional, you can do something wrong, something so heinous that you will be left alone in the dark. And in realizing this you panic, but you hold on and you savor every moment of everyday of that person loving you. And when they don't anymore your heart breaks but you knew it was coming and then you leave your heart shattered on the floor and move on.

I'm not bitter or pessimistic but...

I rather like your everyday normal endings.

Because Happy endings are so over-rated and they become so very very cheap.

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Had a good Dnd game today.

My Grey elve who is of an asian (Japanese) clan, started out as a lvl 2 Ninja. His father and he exiled from their clan which was samurai because of his mother being a ninja, he had some rudimentary training with a Katana, knew the Bushido code but lived by it quite loosely. Had gone off on his own and been on his own for over 60 years and his god Correllian told him to go to the Paladin city of Griff'ieth. On arrival the city is being attacked by undead.

My character hates undead with a firey passion, you don't mess with the dead. Helped them stave off the attack, went down with the city guard to hold them back, the Captain asked me what would like in return expecting a large gold amount. I asked for 3 nights free rest at the inn, shocked he agreed. I was given control of some of the local rogues and allowed to make my groups tactics. My group of rogues were one of 3 groups that survived. 15 out of 50 men survived, the first battle was a clusterfuck! My character came into his confidence and remembered his childhood of learning tactics and the Katana allowing me to go into Samurai.

First full scale battle experience netted me lvl 2 Samurai and even more hate for undead. Next battle I owned a fucking undead wyvern! I took it's head off by myself with my Katana as I sneak attacked the thing as my God had given me a map of the room in my head and where the secret passage was. Owned that wyvern, helped kill the other one and assisted in the assault. But all the priests (clerics) were killed, Oooo that pissed my character off. I personally helped carry them out of the sewers, buried them and prayed over everyone of them.

The city reveres me now, I'm a nameless elf from the other side of the world but I helped them for nothing.

One of Heironeous's Angels came down to assist against the undead, I've got an angel with me in my pad.

I am awesome.


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