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Title: My Iris
Rating: (PG)
Content Notes/Warnings: Fluff, pure and utter Fluff.

No Warnings

Main Character/s: Rapheal Lécuyer, Riq'ua Riviria
Plot: I will show you Rapheal, everyday that I remain at your side how much I love you.
Location: illander Castle, illander City


The three tiered aqua and black hat was tipped over Raphael’s face so the sun did not get into his eyes lying against the small grassy hill in the gardens. He was still in his elaborate uniform but he had undone the overcoat that was stripped black, gold and aqua. Relaxed and comfortable as he was, he did not stir, the softest footsteps arriving by his side. Lord Riq’ua was in his white robes which he hiked up so he could go down onto one knee beside the Knight.

“Sir.Raphael? I take it your off duty this afternoon?”

A white linen gloved hand came up quickly to push back the hat so his blue eyes could look up into Aqua that were normally cold but had a pinch of amusement in their depths.

A becoming pink brushed the younger man’s cheeks, “Oui Lord Riq’ua, the King has no need of my services at the present.”

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Title: Years End Wishes
Prompt: Costumes
Rating: (PG)
Content Notes/Warnings:

Sjel Nn’harma is the God of Death, Souls and the Afterlife.

Warnings: None

Main Character/s: Sir. Raphael Lécuyer, Nathanial Peter Quele Royale
Plot: It is the Years End Masked Ball, the King asks a favor of his King’s Guard to pull off the ruse.
Location: illander castle, illander city.


Raphael drew the brush through the golden blonde hair one last time, standing behind, setting the brush down his white linen gloved hands lay on small shoulders.

“You are certain?”

“Oui, Raphael this could be the only time I may be able to do this...”

Raphael let go and moved to the side, on one knee he knelt beside his King looking into the vanity mirror. There was no denying that Nathanial could pull off the ruse, the Half Elven boy had always been feminine and now with the God Sjel Nn’harma housed within his form he had stopped aging. Until the day he died he would forever remain physically thirteen.

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Title: Duties.
Prompt: Spooning
Rating: (PG)
Content Notes/Warnings: Another bad night, the King just cannot sleep. His Knight tries to help. No Warnings.

Main Character/s: Sir. Raphael Lécuyer, Nathanial Peter Quele Royale
Plot: The War has been won, the fighting is over. But the sickness remains and the King is restless in his sleep.
Location: illander Castle, Capitol of Camar'a.

Standing at the window, Raphael let his eyes close, feeling the spring wind, cooler at night, his hands grasping the sill. Uneven breathing, soft coughs even in rest; the Knight could do nothing for the ailment of his King. The breeze moved his blonde hair and he blew at it to remove it from his vision, Tin Du’hil’s shinning face illuminating the gardens in the night. Sila Vor’s children twinkled in the night sky and Raphael felt a sense of peace he had not felt in many years.

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