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Something I have not seen very many uploads of are aging mods that make lifetimes shorter.
Aging mods that I have found usually give extra days, and does not lessen the sim's lifetime.

Why I made this:
Teens already have a ridiculous amount of time! >.<
I don't want to send all my teens to Uni, but I also really did not want to play through 15 days for every teen!
This was a large issue and a hold back to me on allowing my sims to have lots of babies.

So I decided to change that by modifying all of the sim ages to my personal taste.
Again, this was made for my use primarily so this may not be your cup of tea.

As you can see almost every age has been changed except toddler which I found already worked quite well.
You will notice teens, adults, and elders have lost a significant amount of days.
This was done in effort to make the usage of the Elixir of Life aspiration reward more worth while for adults.
Changes were also made so that having adults in gold or silver when they age into elder-hood is no longer bothersome.
This means no more elders being in meditation for 20+ Days with me waiting for them to die :<

You can only have one Aging mod at time!
Aging mods do not work well with Inteen!


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I’ve wanted the Star in some nice colors (non-neon,) for a while now.
I did not do all the colors as some looked too alike or did not come out nice.

Luasims did these in Anna's colors but they had white bars around the top and bottom that I was not partial too.
So I did my own. All colors except off-white.

Credits to Anna and Luasims.

Thank you for all the followers, and support!
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Wall Credits:
Floor Credits:

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A New Project of Mine! ^__^

Un-Natural, and Alien Eye Sets made Genetic :D

So I’ve grabbed multiple sets of Fantasy/Alien eyes I have wanted to have in my game, and I am making them Genetic!

Swatches are included in each folder, with D for dominate, and R for recessive on each swatch. Note: I usually only Geneticize by 1(D), and 2( R), and do not make anything less recessive then 2. Thanks.

Part 3!

Geldyh’s Space Oddity Eyes
Fyrstinde’s Pitma Eyes
Genetic Vaati’s Pixiwillow Ghastly Eyes
Genensims Bizarre Solid Eyes 1
Genensims Bizarre Solid Eyes 2
Genensims Bizarre Solid Eyes 3
Kinemortophobia’s Sahra Alien Eyes


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A New Project of Mine! ^__^

Un-Natural, and Alien Eye Sets made Genetic :D

So I’ve grabbed multiple sets of Fantasy/Alien eyes I have wanted to have in my game, and I am making them Genetic!

Swatches are included in each folder, with D for dominate, and R for recessive on each swatch. Note: I usually only Geneticize by 1(D), and 2( R), only ‘blind eyes’ are 3 ®. Thanks.

Part 2!

Enayla’s More Eyes

“…” Pixie Colours Eyes

“…” Pixie Continues Eyes

“…” Pixie Demonic Eyes

“…” Pixie Forests Eyes

“…” Pixie Gems Eyes

“…” Pixie Realms Eyes

“…” Pixie Supernatural Eyes

“…” Pixie Unholy Eyes


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A New Project of Mine! ^__^

Un-Natural, and Alien Eye Sets made Genetic :D

So I’ve grabbed multiple sets of Fantasy/Alien eyes I have wanted to have in my game, and I am making them Genetic! 

Swatches are included in each folder, with D for dominate, and R for recessive on each swatch. Note: I usually only Geneticize by 1(D), and 2( R), and do not make anything less recessive then 2. Thanks.

Part 1!

Bruno’s Gemstone, Starry, Glassy and Incubus Eyes
Badocter’s Inner Light Fantasy Eyes
Lace’s Brellach Oblivion Eyes


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phinebulles requested some Dragonmandy Eyes made Genetic ^_^


All four sets are included.

All Hazel eyes have a 1.5 value, between the recessive value of 2, (grey/light-blue/green,) and the dominant value of 1, for dark blue, and brown.

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Sheets of music on Club crimsyn's paper mesh.

In total there are 26 recolors; from simple, often classic music sheets, to beautiful colored drawings done over the music.
Please view the swatch, and zoom in to see the details of the pages, and covers available. 


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Trapping 3t2 EP5 Rocker done in Liliths Remi texture Edits in the following colors: Volatile, and Remis brown, black and red.
Polycount: 3225

HCs Dreadlocks done in Volatile and Remis brown, black and red. 
Polycount: 3528


Nymphys textures on Tenshi's short Dreads in Volatile and Remis brown, black and red.
Polycount: 4227

Trapping 3t2 EP10 WavyAfro done in Volatile, and Remis brown, black and red.
Polycount: 3389

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Wall Credits:


Floor Credits:


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One of Maaron's lips in tones that better suit darker skins. 

One of my favorite of Jessi's old lipsticks done in Trappings skintone color actions. 

Go see the swatches and Download HERE

Aside: Thank you Avelexi for the beautiful previews! 

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Title: Separate and Yet the Same
Rating: (PG)
Content Notes/Warnings:

The Ellearn on Cor'Terrae are considered a different species from humans, not just another 'race' as that moniker is to be used within a species to denote by geography or other differentiates. Thus, this different species has many unique physical aspects, but remain humanoid enough for children of both species to grow up among each other rather easily.

Warnings: None.
Main Character/s: Sir Castillean, the Commandant of King Joscelin's Sovereign Guard, and Lady Yara Sallis the newest, and youngest Sovereign Guard.
Plot: Yara having been brought up among human orphans of the Danaigh culture knows very little about the various cultural practices of her species, and finds that she must be educated upon them often.
Location: The Castle of the Capitol City of illander.


Yara had only meant to knock, she had not known that her Commandant’s door was not fully closed, and that pressing against it to knock would slip it open. She had stopped once the deed had been done, tilting her head seeing through that open-sliver, that Castillean’s back was turned, with his coat, and shirt off, before the mirror.
Neither had the young Ellearn expected to see the beautiful vine of flowers that appeared as though it grew from the very flesh of the Commandant’s shoulder, trailing down, and obscuring a nipple. Confused, Yara had taken a step back from the private scene. But blue eyes in the mirror fixed on the door that had partially opened, “Is someone there?"

With a swallow, bucking herself up, Yara truly knocked, opening the door the last of the way, "Commandant, Sir, I did have need to speak to you, however… I can return…"

"Nay, it is alright, I will re-dress myself, give me only a moment.”
Yara knew that she should have looked elsewhere, but the foliage fascinated, and yet, horrified her all the same, and she could not draw eyes away, her cheeks dusting red at her own impropriety.

The elder Ellearn had moved to his bedside, picking up the gold, and black stripped under-tunic of his uniform. Straightening, Castillean looked to the newest member of the Sovereign Guard, and he stopped, holding the cloth to his chest, making no move to slip it over his head.
“You have never seen our Garden Grafting, have you?” his voice has a gentler-ring to it now, and this only causes the blush to increase, as it was the tone Castillean used when he was to educate her.

“No…” Always the orphan was reminded how different her past had made her, how growing up in the capitol ghettos had denied her the heritage of her people.

“Would you like me to explain Lady Yara? You may touch them if you wish, and I will teach you how the Mellael learned to Graft leaf to flesh, and how many have become a walking garden of epiphytes. I realize, I do, that many of our practices appear so outlandish to you, as well as unknown, and I do not expect you to come into any of them easily, however, you should know…”

Yara Sallis would take in a deep breath, stepping into the Commandant’s room fully, softly closing the door behind her, and her hands clasp behind her back to stay straight, and tall.
“I have come to realize quite starkly that I know very little about my own species sense I have been accepted into the Sovereign Guard, Sir. Castillean, and I cannot say everything that you, and Sir Armeludon have done, or will do, makes very much sense to me… But, I do want to learn, and those lilies, well they are very lovely,” she gives a hesitant little smile.

Always was the young woman willing to learn, and to try to understand, even if she would never partake, because these rituals may have been hers by blood, and breed, they were not hers by rearing. She would always be of the Human Capitol City, and the Danaigh orphans she had grown up beside, regardless of the unique physical qualities of her Ellearn species.

“Thank you, Lady Yara."

Castillean laid down the tunic on his bed, "Come, sit with me, you can bring up what you also needed to speak of with me as well, whilst I teach you a little…”
The female Knight would nod, following her superior to the small two seat table. It was at times like these that she felt adrift at sea, surrounded by those who she should have seen as brothers, and sisters, but could only see as a separate, and remote peoples that for all intents and purposes were utterly alien.

Yet Yara had promised to keep an open mind, and an open heart to the traditions of the species that she had been born of, but had never, and would never truly be a part of. So she listened, and she just for a singular moment wondered, ‘Would such flowers look so beautiful as part of me?…’
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For the theme word ’ Prophecy’

She is of my novel world Cor'terrae.

‘The All-Seeing.’
The Divine of Control, Time and Fate

Information, Pictures and a Download Link


Recolored 8 different makeups, a skin, hair, eyes.


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 Inevitable Lastingness - Part Two
Rating: This Chapter is PG, Later parts will be Rated Higher.
Content Notes:

The life of Naerdiel, who would later become Nilec, the adopted daughter of the Camar'ian King. She who was the woman who seized the Dirian throne through her powers of prophecy, and who became ruthless enough to cause the man that loved her to break and fall to insanity. Shaped forever by her past, and twisted by the world she had to save, at one time, she was but a child. It's time that her story gets told.

Elearn of Camar'a are adult around 200 to 250 years of age. Adolescence starts at 130 to 150. Anything before then is considered a child, if that Ellearn child has had a normal upbringing among their own kind.

Part One

Warnings: Disturbing imagery.
Main Character/s: Naerdiel (Nilec)
Plot: Naerdiel's visions begin.


Haeeren naw Spiritus 

(5:9 3250)

Spinning, and twirling, the Ellearn child had been dancing that day. Dancing in the old places, where the trees talked, chattering, and singing their beautiful songs. She had been enveloped in their sound, their voices in her ears.

‘It’ had stolen her breath away, and she had fallen into the cushioning grass, and leaves of the forest floor. Her eyes rolled back, her body beginning to convulse, fingers twitching, grasping with futility at the plant-life around her. The Ancient ones in unison had spoken of her anguish, confused and worried, their branches reaching toward her. 


When next the child woke, it was to her mother's stricken face, tear streaks down both of her parents cheeks. Her mother grasped her to her breast, and her fathers fingers ran through her hair. But Naerdial did not understand, she hurt, and felt as though she had run for ages now.

What had happened? 

Those who knew all in the eyes of their children, did not even know.


Neivorlyng Dwy ar bymtheg Spiritus 

(9:17 3253)

‘It’ would happen with far more rapid frequency now, and Naerdial’s parents had noted that her mind would be stolen away during both quiet moments, and frantic ones. She was not allowed to leave the house unaccompanied any-longer. No more climbing of the trees, as she could fall if one of the fits seized her. No rough housing either. So the young girl would read instead, and truthfully, she did not mind reading, yet she missed the sun, and the feel of the tree-bark under her fingertips.

Mother and Father were always busy, and she was an only child like most Ellearn. At last Naerdial slipped away on her own, hoping that she could dance beneath the canopy without suffering one of the fits. But ‘It’ happened again, her body betraying her. She fell into the roots of one of the Ancestor trees, taken away from the here and now. Visions grappled with her mind of darkened skies, purple clouds drenching a weather beaten path. Glass laid there, shattered, on this steep hill-side, where a figure pushed it's self up, feet torn, and bleeding. Only as the child saw this scene did another figure form in the stranger’s place, mirroring one, then another, two beings within one body.

But Naerdial cried out, thrashing, wishing away these terrible images that horrified her young mind, and at last there was a calming embrace. 

"Let yourself go..." the words were not really spoken, they weren't actually heard by her ears, but by her Thi'es, her soul. Unable to do anything more to will away the terror, Naerdial let go, falling through the Abyss so endless. Yet flowing trails of light and energy speed past her, with sparks of other souls swimming around her too, and even though she did not understand where she was now, there was an overwhelming sense of peace.

Still too young to comprehend that the very arms that embraced her were of life, of creation, and the very essence of the Heart World, the prophetess cried. But at the world’s center, The Dreamer swirled, keeping the world spinning. This ancient being wished only to teach Naerdial to dance once more, here, outside the body that the girl would come to hate so furiously.

In the core they spun together, her enveloped within the world’s serenity.

In time the child grew tired, and she was instructed tenderly, "Shh now... Sleep..." This escape would feel like only a moment for the girl who would become known as Nilec in her later years. These visions would return, and they would define her destiny, as nearly every decision she would come to make would be influenced by them alone. 

This refuge, detached from fate and time would not be forgotten. Naerdial as she realized where her soul had fled that one afternoon, gained an internal sanctuary to the external agony.

Spinning forever.
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Things I made for my GOS CiJ in 2014!


Period games always need more undies and sleepwear, and I tend to find that people make clothes for the nobility more then the common folk. So here is some simple shifts in natural and dyed colors for adult women. 

Recolors of the Kitchen and Bath period stove in shastakiss' metals.
A timber framing seamless wall set in 3 parts.

They can be mix and matched between the pieces.

Lastly, the temple wood floor from Whiterun, Skyrim.

These were done in a few select shades.
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Celebrations Walls and Floors Defaulted with Adele's tile/carpet/paint and stripped selections.
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 A default of the OFB aftopbomberjacket with some sweater/jackets I have always loved, and a motor jacket. 

 I had not found a default for afbottomcasualpreppy that I liked either, so I defaulted them with a skirt I loved, and then I will use another default for something else that uses these skirts already.

I had also not found a default I liked ofafbottomshortskirtboots, so I found a skirt I liked by Yuichen and did up a default.


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GlamourLife Door Texture Default in Keoni’s work of Goats textures and Icad Colors.


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Re-Upload of a Default made for me by Imalia

Eltanin halter top mesh over the cfcamisole

Download HERE

trynitrotoluenka default of cfbodycowgirlskirt

Re-uploaded HERE


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