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Painting Recolors


Intro|Day One|Day two|Day Three|Day Four & Five|Six & Seven|
Eight|Nine|Day Ten & Eleven|Day Twelve & Thirteen|The End

Ayoda Week 1|Ayoda Week 2|Ayoda Week 3
Ki Week 1
Dre'ia Week 1


Read about the crazy Miranda Family )


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Hocumon on GOS requested an alien skin default so here we go!
Furbyq’s Lilith Moonlight in Semtex color as an Alien Default.

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The etymology of the word Monster reveals but one rather simple definition. According to Cohen, monster “derives from the Latin monstrum, a divine portent, usually of misfortune. Augustine [ … ] thought the Latin noun to stem from monstrare, ’to show’ ; Isidore of Seville [ … ] glossed monstrum as contra naturam and connected it to monere, ’to warn”’ (“Use” 48). Classicist Catherine Atherton slightly expands on monstrum, noting that “one of the traditional roles played by monsters-as the standard etymology of the Latin monstrum indicates-is to signal or presage event or advent, even more terrifying or violently destructive than the monster itself’ (vii). Thus, the monster is that which demonstrates or warns that something has gone-or is going to go-awry.

~ Monsters We Become: The Development of the Inhuman Narrative Voice.


The scene in which Nathanael heard his Father call him a Monster and an AU What If? Scene in which Nathanael confronts his Mother about his Father calling him a Monster.


"Yet something has to be done."
Leaning against his parent's door, Nathanael's ear is pressed against it to hear better the conversation taking place within.
"The council is becoming restless; politics are keeping us away more often. Who will care for him?"
"Thom is here, he will do his duty as his husband to look after him, it cannot be helped we are away so much Elaina."
"Yes with Thom he will be alright but...Can-," a moment's silence, "Can we really trust him around Drefan? What if Drefan hurts him again? I do not know if he would tell us." My mother’s voice held soft doubt.
"What could you possibly mean; he would, of course, tell us if he was in pain. Have we ever given him a reason not to believe he could?"
"Nay of course not but this is something else entirely. Earlier when I was cleaning his wounds I found a cut down his left arm, a cut that could only have been self-inflicted. His other wounds were nothing like this from Drefan."
"Our son is a cutter? Nathanael knows that he will lose the light of his spirit to such..
.perverse practices. He must realize without the light of soul he is only a shell, a..a Monster."
...I am?
A Monster...


"A Monster."
"You..heard Peter say that?" Elaina whispers to her only child, her hands reaching out toward the nine-year-old.
There is only silence as Nathanael's eyes fall to the floor.
The Queen gathers the boy into her embrace, "Sometimes those we love say things because they are afraid."
The Prince's eyes are filled with tears at his own anger, willing himself to banish the vile emotions
he was taught he should not feel. He looks up to his mother trying to hide how upset he was,"What have I done? I hurt no-no one but me! He's my father, he shouldn't be afraid of me!"
"He's not afraid of you
Nathanael, he's afraid for you."
As though that simple difference made the pain any less deep.


As Cawson, Andriano, and Cohen note, acknowledgement of the monster is a necessary step in human development because in all ways it is human...  Thus, a society must transcend the limitations of the past by discovering ways to include the unique until, ultimately, everything that is inherently human can be acknowledged and incorporated, including those aspects we often attribute to the monstrous in a misdirected attempt to exorcise ourselves of sin and imperfection. Monsters are the way to this transcendence.

Monsters We Become: The Development of the Inhuman Narrative Voice.
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Rating: PG-13 for slight violence and swearing.
Pairing: Mallie(OC)/Leon
Disclaimer: Leon and Radiant Garden are not mine.
Extras: This is from a skit I dreamed of that took place while Leon and my OC Mallie were dating before they married and had their daughter. Timeline; it's about a year after KH2. Final Fantasy 8 background included in Leon's past, so he did have a relationship with Rinoa, she died but he did love her. This is a skit that would take place during an RP I am doing with a friend. It's quite cute ^^

In effort to not lose everything I have on LJ after they changed hands I am reposting old works on Dreamwidth.


The lanterns cast a soft glow over the festival in the marketplace. It had become a tradition that was held on the longest night of the summer, that a dance and market festival was held in the marketplace. Radiant Garden was safer, and the people celebrated this. Skirts twirled as women danced with their partners, laughter and merrymaking happening all around. 

Mallie gently tugged Leon’s hand, her eyes sparkling as she took in the area that had been set aside for dancing.
“Dance with me Leon?” she asked, emerald green eyes looking back to her boyfriend. It was nearly 2 months they were together now. 

Leon eyed those dancing and shook his head though he gave her a small twitching of his lips, his attempt for her of a smile.
“Go enjoy yourself.”
She sighed, though she had expected something of the sort from such a reserved man and nodded, her black curls being thrown back over her shoulders. She picked up the red silk skirts with her hand and moved away toward the dance floor. Leon stepped back leaning against the wall, just watching the going ons. 

It did not take long before Mallie was being twirled by another man, soft laughter leaving her, she seemed so vibrant. His brow furrowed, he knew he was happy to see her happy, yet part of him wanted to be the one making her laugh like that. But… A sigh left Leon and he stayed where he stood.

Four dances and she was breathing a little harder, though she was still enjoying herself. The dance had ended, another beginning and she was catching her breath. A hand pulled her close, it finding purchase on her rear end. Pulling her flush to a foreign chest, and a chuckle, a voice she did not know. She stiffened, her hand moving down to unsheathe the rapier she had at her waist on her belt, but her hand was grabbed.
Be damned!
She did not have the strength to get out of his grasp. Her heated, emerald eyes looked up to the man who clasped her closer, she could feel his breath in her hair. Her hand grasped his hard and she pulled back just enough to get a look into his eyes. Her heel came down hard on his foot, the spit leaving her lips to land in his eye. She was not going to man handled ever again! The nameless man swore angrily in response, his hand raising to backhand the woman he held.

Leon had stood up as he saw the man grab Mallie in such a way, pulling her flush to the stranger. His brows furrowed deeper, his eyes slitting. Stepping away from the wall he moved onto the makeshift dance floor, around couples. His steel grays burned with a quiet rage, and his hand managed to grab the arm of the other before it could strike. Mallie was trying to pull away to get out of range of the incoming blow, but the stranger held her arm hard. Hard enough to bruise. Leon grabbed the man’s arm in his left hand, his right flying forward in a fist, connecting with the man’s face. Landing a solid punch that caused his own hand to go numb, the other man stumbled away. 

“Get the hell away from her,” Leon growled out and he took in a deep breath to calm himself. It had been natural instinct, he had not even thought about the path of his feet or his defensive actions. Pure instinct. 

Mallie watched the foul man stumble back and her lips dipped into a grin, though she grimaced at the pain in her wrist. Oh, that was definitely bruising, look at the pretty colors. But her arm is picked up, but far gentler this time by leather-clad hands.

“That son of a bitch,” Leon mumbled and suddenly she was in her boyfriend’s arms. 

She smiled hugging him back, “I’m fine Leon, though thank you.”
Leon nodded stiffly still holding her close and she shook her head, “Well you? Now?”
Her fingers clutch his white shirt and she pulls back a little to look into steel gray eyes.
“Dance with me?” 
Leon’s brow’s furrow again and she sighs giving into begging, “Please?”
The brunet gives in at last and concedes, nodding his head. Shifting hands so he is in a position to dance with her. The next few moments are of silence as they dance, and she shakes her head, “Why were you so unwilling? You dance fine.” 
Leon shakes his head once more, “It’s not that. I do know how to dance. But I have not in a long time.”
Mallie is twirled away, and twirling back into his arms she cocks her head, “How long is a long time?”
“9 years.”
“Oh…is it a good memory?”
It does not take as long as she had supposed for him to answer, “Yes.” 
Mallie’s lips dip into a smile and she leans to him, whispering in his ear.
“So then you loved?”
The question was oddly put but he understands what she implies, his eyes close, and he wraps his arm around her pulling her gently, flush to him.

Mallie nods, it was enough, he spoke so little on his past. It was enough. Maybe someday she would learn this other woman’s name. Perhaps not, but it didn’t matter. 
“This shall be a good memory too, with its bumps along the run.”
Leon’s lips raise into a soft, real smile.
“It will be.”
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Wall Credits:
Floor Credits:
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Wall Credits:
Sims in Paris
Floor Credits:
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Uploading Gen 1 of the Kerbasi House ^_^

Bittor Kerbasi
Bodyshop Photo
Woohoo 20 Different Sims


Eibhlin Kerbasi

Bodyshop Photo
Have 6 Grandchildren 


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The second individual home of round 2! for my Medieval Challenge/BACC mash up!
Now, these families are already established
(Have married and had kids)
So! Read these first to catch up!

The First Challenge - Who will be King (Finished)
Intro & Days 1-3|Days 4-7|Days 8-11|Days 12-18|Finale
Second Challenge - Expansion (In progress)
Round One
Noble Family Ulrik|Noble Family Kerbasi|Royal Family Akahata
Round Two
Noble Family Ulrik

16 More Pictures under the Cut! )

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As it says on the package, (preview!) I did 8 recolors of Lethe_s' Magic Circle.
These recolors are originally skyrim textures that have been made HD and so very pretty by LemonSquishie
on Skyrim Nexus under the Mod heading of Rune Magic HD

Here are their gorgeous swatches for the 2 sets I converted.
As you can see, the name of the rune is not included as that would have looked odd o.0
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Title: Drefan Returns home...
Rating: (PG)
Content Notes/Warnings:

Mentions of past spousal and possible child abuse.

Main Character/s: Drefan Royale, Robert Royale
Plot: After having been gone for over a year in the northern deserts, the Prince has returned to home.
Location: The Imperial Royalian Palace.


“You worried her.”

A thick swallow, leaning forward on the fencing that was a surround for the spar taking place in front of them. Hands curl around the edging, the slivers digging into his hands as Drefan keeps his silence.

Robert continues, “Aidna thought you were dead for over a year. She would ask me continually if you were still alive. ‘Tell me you can still feel his life-force through the obelisk.’ Your mother prayed for you faithfully.”

“So?” the word is forcefully controlled, and the rest of his response is through grit teeth. “Did you strike her this time to make her stop asking about me?”

The King turns completely from the sparring match behind him, leaning his back against the fence. Arms cross before his chest in a relaxed pose, not even looking at his eldest son as he answers.

“It would not have stopped her. She’s in the grove, as she always is.”

Drefan pushes himself back from the fencing by both of his hands, done with this tense returning conference with his father. He was stiff as a board from being back at the Imperial palace where his life had been hell. The Prince of the Blood made a move to leave and Robert reaches out, his hand a flash. Meaty digits grab the nineteen-year-old by the back of the neck.

A calculated squeeze.

“You were gone for almost two years, Drefan. Did you let that time shorten your memory? I am still your King. You will speak to me as I deserve and show the respect due to me. Do you understand?”

A discordant breath escapes parted lips, eyes wide and staring ahead at nothingness whilst fists at Drefan’s sides shake. But the son gathers his words and they come forth quiet and with as much dignity as the Prince can muster in an effort to hide reborn terror, “Yes. I remember.”


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A small set of Walls and Floors Defaulted, this time it is the Teen Style Stuff pack. 


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I originally made recolors of this crop top made by Io, separated, for a default. 
However, the default did not end up working out so these have sat on my hard drive for years
About time I just put them up anyway!

White, four brighter colors and a dark apple green. 


Aside: Thank you Avelexi for the beautiful previews!

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Uploading Gen 1 of the Ulrik House ^_^

Saithmaith Ulrik
Bodyshop Photo
Have 20 Simultaneous Best Friends

Frans Ulrik

Bodyshop Photo
Earn 100,000 


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The first individual home of round 2! for my Medieval Challenge/BACC mash up!

Now, these families are already established
(Have married and had kids)
So! Read these first to catch up!

The First Challenge - Who will be King (Finished)
Intro & Days 1-3|Days 4-7|Days 8-11|Days 12-18|Finale
Second Challenge - Expansion (In progress)
Noble Family Ulrik|Noble Family Kerbasi|Royal Family Akahata

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The third individual home round for my Medieval Challenge/BACC mash up!

Now, these families are already established
(Have married and had kids)
So! Read these first to catch up!

The First Challenge - Who will be King (Finished)
Intro & Days 1-3|Days 4-7|Days 8-11|Days 12-18|Finale
Second Challenge - Expansion (In progress)
Noble Family Ulrik|Noble Family Kerbasi|

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Something I have not seen very many uploads of are aging mods that make lifetimes shorter.
Aging mods that I have found usually give extra days, and does not lessen the sim's lifetime.

Why I made this:
Teens already have a ridiculous amount of time! >.<
I don't want to send all my teens to Uni, but I also really did not want to play through 15 days for every teen!
This was a large issue and a hold back to me on allowing my sims to have lots of babies.

So I decided to change that by modifying all of the sim ages to my personal taste.
Again, this was made for my use primarily so this may not be your cup of tea.

As you can see almost every age has been changed except toddler which I found already worked quite well.
You will notice teens, adults, and elders have lost a significant amount of days.
This was done in effort to make the usage of the Elixir of Life aspiration reward more worth while for adults.
Changes were also made so that having adults in gold or silver when they age into elder-hood is no longer bothersome.
This means no more elders being in meditation for 20+ Days with me waiting for them to die :<

You can only have one Aging mod at time!
Aging mods do not work well with Inteen!


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I’ve wanted the Star in some nice colors (non-neon,) for a while now.
I did not do all the colors as some looked too alike or did not come out nice.

Luasims did these in Anna's colors but they had white bars around the top and bottom that I was not partial too.
So I did my own. All colors except off-white.

Credits to Anna and Luasims.

Thank you for all the followers, and support!
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Wall Credits:
Floor Credits:

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A New Project of Mine! ^__^

Un-Natural, and Alien Eye Sets made Genetic :D

So I’ve grabbed multiple sets of Fantasy/Alien eyes I have wanted to have in my game, and I am making them Genetic!

Swatches are included in each folder, with D for dominate, and R for recessive on each swatch. Note: I usually only Geneticize by 1(D), and 2( R), and do not make anything less recessive then 2. Thanks.

Part 3!

Geldyh’s Space Oddity Eyes
Fyrstinde’s Pitma Eyes
Genetic Vaati’s Pixiwillow Ghastly Eyes
Genensims Bizarre Solid Eyes 1
Genensims Bizarre Solid Eyes 2
Genensims Bizarre Solid Eyes 3
Kinemortophobia’s Sahra Alien Eyes


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A New Project of Mine! ^__^

Un-Natural, and Alien Eye Sets made Genetic :D

So I’ve grabbed multiple sets of Fantasy/Alien eyes I have wanted to have in my game, and I am making them Genetic!

Swatches are included in each folder, with D for dominate, and R for recessive on each swatch. Note: I usually only Geneticize by 1(D), and 2( R), only ‘blind eyes’ are 3 ®. Thanks.

Part 2!

Enayla’s More Eyes

“…” Pixie Colours Eyes

“…” Pixie Continues Eyes

“…” Pixie Demonic Eyes

“…” Pixie Forests Eyes

“…” Pixie Gems Eyes

“…” Pixie Realms Eyes

“…” Pixie Supernatural Eyes

“…” Pixie Unholy Eyes



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