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Finally got to making Tidus as requested.

Necklace was made by me using a Club Crymson mesh and photo resources. Darkened/colored the hair myself.

I still have to sign onto this anime board going through hoops of fire to get a decent outfit for him >.<

So it will be a little longer…

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It was requested of me to give a go at creating Lucrecia Crescent from Final Fantasy 7 as I have previously made many of the FF7 and FF8 cast. This is her final face mold, and I am working on clothing right now.

Will be a bit before I release her as I have quite a few projects on the go right now!

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S1 - Done

S2 - Done

S3 - Done

S4 - Done

Alien skins - 4 Done

Multi Alien Technician set -Haven't Started Yet.

Vampire - Done

Zombie - Done

Mannequin - Done

Genie - Done

Plantsim - W.I.P

Werewolf - Haven't started yet.
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And these are the Alien tones that I have found look nice, I don&#8217;t know if I&#8217;m going to end up making all of them though. Slate is my current favorite and well most likely be made into my Alien Default. Any of the other colors you guys really like?


Recoloring Lilith’s Solitude skinblends with color actions!

These are the Alien tones that I have found look nice.

I am smoothing them at the moment.

These colors will be uploaded with PSD resources.
I have vampire skins I am making and I will be doing a set of natural tones as well :D


digitaldollies helped to make the scarf disappear on the custom versions of the Nightlife Poodle skirts
and also fixed some meshing issues with the child version :D

In my new obsession with Anna's colors, these three dresses will have all 30 colors.


That is one of the two patterns of wallpapers that Trapping put up that I am recoloring in Anna's colors.

Both the wallpapers and teen/child versions of the dresses will be uploaded for GOS's Youth monthly theme!!

Now I go back to watching Dexter and making dresses :P


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