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The second individual home of round 2! for my Medieval Challenge/BACC mash up!
Now, these families are already established
(Have married and had kids)
So! Read these first to catch up!

The First Challenge - Who will be King (Finished)
Intro & Days 1-3|Days 4-7|Days 8-11|Days 12-18|Finale
Second Challenge - Expansion (In progress)
Round One
Noble Family Ulrik|Noble Family Kerbasi|Royal Family Akahata
Round Two
Noble Family Ulrik

Ready for the shortest Update ever??

As dysfunctional as this family and couple were in the First Challenge, they are far too adorable now!

Aram is obsessed with that imaginary friend replacement for the teddy bear, never puts it down.

Okey so I have been ignoring the modern cars issues as I don't really like the replacements...
But your job is not going to ignore you going to work in your underwear Yahyeh!!

First BACC Fire!

The only time you are happy to have fires is when they count towards opening a spot in the Law Enforcement career hehe

Eibhlin is now an elder!

Mom just reads, and reads, and reads.

Aram enjoys the ballet bar the most of all of them.

Dad plays pirate in the bath-tub cause he's ridiculous

A Chance card and possible War! Yay!

Meadowhaven was definitely not ready for a War!

Yahyeh making friends and being adorable

Here Aram is a teen!

Aram is a fortune sim and his turn ons are formal and custom hair, and he is turned off by good public speakers?

The only townie make over is this good looking gentleman for this update!

and end with a silly werewolf Alpha in the tulips ^_^


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