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General Rules


• A Downtown is earned automatically when your population reaches 10,000. When a Downtown can be attached to your original neighborhood it is its own Kingdom, which will have its own Royal family, noble families, merchants and peasants. To start the Downtown Kingdom you may make 6-10 CAS sims.
• University is earned with 500,000 in taxes, or that amount generously donated by a Merchant/Noble family. But! There has to be a Noble level 10 Education career Sim to make a University as well.
• No residential or community lot may have smoke detectors or burglar alarms until there is at least one slot opened and filled in the Law Enforcement career. (See below.) If a fire or burglary happens, you also may not call the fire department or the police department because neither of those departments exist yet in your city. You must put the fire out yourself or wait for the burglar to leave on his/her own after taking a bunch of your stuff.
• The Monastery/Abbey once built in the neighbourhood are for the Sims who you don’t want to Marry or are infertile. They must be played as often as the other households and are considered a separate class from all other sims.
• Only the head of household may purchase a business and it must be passed on to their heir.
• All Taxes, Rents, Tithes, Fees & Fines of any kind are due and payable on every Quarter Day (the first day of each season). They are paid directly into the Treasury of the King.
• In order to introduce supernaturalness into the 'hood, all CAS Sims have a 20% chance of being created as a supernatural. When I’m creating them, I roll 1-100, and if I roll a number between 1 and 20, they will be a supernatural. I then roll to see what kind they will be. I roll 1-4.
1 = Plantsim
2= Vampire (Be careful how you use vampires, there is a note in Birth and Death about them)
3= Werewolf
4= Zombie
5= Witch (Good/Evil)
• Any child conceived while a parent is a supernatural has a 50% chance of inheriting that supernatural trait. The traits begin to be expressed when the child transitions to teen. (Since babies, toddlers, and children can’t be supernatural.)

Birth and Death

• Mothers have a 10% chance of death while giving birth. With each successful childbirth the odds are lowered by 1% for that particular mother. Odds go from a base 10% to 7% once the medical career becomes unlocked.
• Some Sims also have the chance of being infertile: a blanket 5% chance for any sim to be infertile, and between a 1% and 3% chance of a Sim becoming infertile after a birth.
• Illegitimate children below Royalty will take on their mother's class.
• Anytime anyone gets into a fight, the loser has a 50% of being killed by your method of choice. It was dangerous to fight with no medical care! (This drops to 25%
once the medical career becomes unlocked.
• Vampires are to be used sparingly as their immortality can cause problems with inheritance.
• Pleading with the Grim: Any Sim may plead with the Grim to save a loved one from an early grave. However, each sim may only plead with the Grim once in their lifetime.
• You may not delete gravestones
• Eventually there will be 3 graveyards. Graveyard 1 = Noble. Graveyard 2 = Merchant + Peasants. Graveyard 3 = Royalty.


• Women always take the status of their husbands so make sure it is always the man who proposes
• Use of the matchmaker is encouraged among Merchant and Peasant Class to find a suitable match for their children.
• Mr. Big and The Diva can marry Merchants or non-heir Nobility (They may not have a known bloodline, but they come with a large 'dowry' so money conscious merchants are encouraged to marry them)
• Dowries for the daughters, are in the form of items for their new home. Since women traditionally took domestic items (rather than cash or land) such as bed sheets, clothes, pots and pans etc, the daughters here will take beds, wardrobes and kitchen items. Again it will be a percentage of the available cash at the time.
• Also, if any Sims become widows/widowers due to a population control method, then they have a possibility of remarrying unless they are an Elder. Family Sims always remarry. The other aspirations except Romance have a 50% chance of remarrying, so I roll 1-100 and an odd roll means widow/widower remarries. Romance Sims have only a 20% chance of remarrying, so I roll 1-100 and a roll of 1-20 means that they will remarry. If they are to remarry, they do so randomly. (Similarly widows/widowers of Sims who die of old age may remarry, just as above, if they aren’t Elders themselves.)


• Townies with Black and Brown hair are considered Merchant Class, and Townies with Orange or Blonde hair are considered Peasant Class.
• If some townies become really good friends of the family, I will age them up with whoever they're friends with, and then kill them off when their friend dies so as to create a new townie pool and a semblance of generation.


• Only your town wizard/witch or equivalent are allowed to use the Robot making bench since a robot would be considered magic.
• Only Nobility and Royals would be allowed to purchase a Robot. Servo would be considered a live in servant of the house.


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